Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow, discussions abound!

You are THERE Bleaders!!  Thanks for the discussion about how to raise a good kid.  Very interesting thoughts and opinions.  Makes me feel better and gives me some insight from people who are "there, doing that"!

Oh, in the mist of that discussion a new name has come out.  Ms. Belly (aka my BFF who has offered up her belly should we need it - love her!) will now and forever more be known as My Belly Mama (MBM for short).  She commented on Tuesday's discussion and said Mommy Belly was her name and that made me think of My Belly Mama, which suits her more because hello, that is what she would be if we need it further down the road.  Again, how lucky am I to have one of my sisters offer me her belly if we need it to make a child.  If it comes to that, we really will be related! :)

Ok, so what's new in my life?  J's 33rd birthday was yesterday.  He had already picked out his birthday present, um new tires for his quad, so didn't have a lot to give him except I did make him his favorite cupcakes.  Mayonnaise Chocolate Cupcakes.  Yes, it sounds disgusting.  But think about it.  What is mayo made of?  Eggs, oil, maybe a little sugar.  What goes in cake?  Eggs, oil, sugar, flour, chocolate.  So this cake is made without eggs and oil, and instead mayo.  It makes the cupcakes really fluffy and a little less sweet.  He's not a sweet guy, ha ha.  He also doesn't like frosting.  So he has his cupcakes, sans frosting and he's lovin' them.  We went to dinner with my Dad, Mom was at a church retreat.  And today J's parents are in town helping us put a door on our bathroom (whoever built this house was kind of a moron not to put a door from the master bedroom to the master bath) and we'll probably go to lunch too or do something to celebrate J's birthday.

I've re-registered for big nasty (CFP), re-scheduled a cram course, booked my ticket to Denver and now just need to book the hotel.  I was studying yesterday afternoon after having read a new book on one of the subjects I struggle with and when I took the test at the end with 50 questions for the FIRST time, I got a 74%!  For me that is HUGE!  In the past, it's been about 50%, so there's progress!!!

I also got a sweet treat yesterday with an impromptu Angel reading.  Angel Ash emailed me and said she kept getting told to pull a card for someone but she couldn't figure out who and then I popped into her brain.  So here's what my card said:

FLOW OF PROSPERITY - The finances are coming to you that you need and have been praying for.  Continue to think positively to bring abundance into your life.  (We do need finances for IVF later this year.)

CLEAR AND SHIELD YOUR ENERGY - Do not let negativity creep in.  Ask the angels to remove all negative energy from you and your surroundings.  Then ask them to place a shield around you.  Do this everyday. (With CFP looming, this is certain to be true.  I'll have to concentrate on not being negative.)

POSITIVE CHANGE - Things in your life seem to be changing, but it is a positive change.  Enjoy the ride as your life begins to fall into place. (I'm hopeful this means passing CFP and starting life as a Mommy!)

So WOW!  What a way to end the week!

Happy Weekend Bleaders and talk to you soon!


  1. 74%!!! That is great progress!! Next time, you are going to get a 1,000,000%. I just know it.

  2. wow that's awesome! So proud of you, and you also seem to be really in a good place. :) Good things can only follow..


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