Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Step One...Call the RE and remind him you exist

Hello my lovely Bleaders.  See, I'm doing better already.  Two blogs in a small span of time...we're headed for greatness, or hopefully great reading.

2011 has begun and thus far I'm not doing too bad.  I worked out yesterday and today.  Ate well today (not terribly yesterday).  And I called Dr. H.  Yup, you read that right.  I called the doc to see what we do now.  They must have a new receptionist because she didn't know my name...me that has called in tears and demanded I get a blood test because I swear I'm pregnant and the test didn't agree.  How can you forget me?  And when she asks you to spell my last name, then asks if I meant to say an entirely different last name, I started to get concerned.  Finally, she discovered that I existed and we moved on to leaving a message for the IVF Coordinator.

Yikes, that just terrifies me thinking of it. Are we really gonna do this?  I guess so.  Now, don't get worried...it won't happen tomorrow.  It's about a 3 month process and we won't even start until after I know the outcome of CFP.  If I pass, we begin.  If I don't, we wait until I do...so at least June!  Hopefully I passed for so many reasons that I won't even going into. 

So now we wait for the phone call back to see where we go from this point....let the process officially begin!

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  1. sies! that's just awful that they forgot about you. How could they? Good luck to you!


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