Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So many thoughts...where to begin?!

There are so many things floating around in my head right now, I don't know where to start!

First I want to talk about the fact that I am late...yes that kind of late.  Now don't start jumping up and down yet.  I am only a day late, but in my world that is a pretty big deal because I am a 28-dayer, tried and true.  So today begins day 29 and not a knock from AF or even a phone call from her!  But I took a test this morning (because the suspense was killing me) and it came up negative.  So then what is the deal?  Just come already.  Normally, I wouldn't be so excited to have her visit, but we are seeing Dr. H on Friday and I need to get blood work done by Thursday, so they have results by Friday and we have something to discuss, other than what our next steps are!  I hope I don't have to move our appointment!  Watch, this will be the ONE time she is late for no good reason!  The other reason AF isn't allowed to be late is that I meet with my trainer on Friday.  I can't very well wake up that morning, or even the morning before for that matter, with AF bangin' at my door.  It just won't do!  First off, she zaps all my energy and I won't have the energy to do what Mr. Trainer demands...secondly, he will want to do weight and measurement, and that goes haywire when AF lives in our guest room!  Come on lady, just get here so I can get on with my life!!!   If I don't see her by Thursday, I will call Dr. H's office to reschedule and to ask "Now what?!"

Second, the fertility binder is driving me a little nuts.  First, let me begin by saying that I have always been a creative person.  When I was in Elementary School, I painted wooden shapes, stuck earring backs on them and sold them as earrings for $3 a pair to my friends and family.  Then I did friendship bracelets (didn't sell those, just gave them away), and at one point I tried needlepoint (but didn't get very far).  In High School, I started making Christmas ornaments for my family and close friends, and I still do this today.  Then I did a summer in college where I painted watercolor in Italy and Greece.  I took up knitting about 4 years ago when my friends started having babies and now we are on to sewing.  So, I am a creative person.  I love to see someone's face when they open up a blanket I have made for their little one and they have come to be expected now, which I adore!  I finished the cover for my fertility binder on Sunday and I have to say, it really looks pretty good, especially for my first attempt.  Now, overall, it took me about 6 hours, but a lot of that was figuring out the pattern, figuring out how to work my Mom's machine, threading the needle, ripping stitches out and redoing, trying to sew the zipper, etc.  All with my Mom's help of course!  And a couple breaks for lunch and to just chat with my parents since I was infiltrating their house.  But now that I know what I am doing, I can totally see doing these pretty quickly...I took good notes!

So it isn't the cover that is driving me nuts, it is the prospect of selling it along with the stuff inside.  Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of selling it and making some extra cash to put towards our fertility adventure (especially with this little turn we're in now), but I don't know if it will work or not.  First off, it cost me about $50 to put together the binder I did for myself, not including the cover that I made, that added another $20.  Now I have figured out how to cut some corners, but I have also added some things too that are important.  Here is what I want the binder to have:
 - divider sections for various years (which mine does) each with 12 color calendars in them (which aren't dated, but will be tabbed and sent with labels preprinted for the months) that I have dressed up and tried to make kind of fun for recording things like BD, CD, prenatals, exercise, AF, etc.  At this point, I am thinking 3-5 years.  (I envision this binder to be something someone would buy who is in my position...having been dealing with fertility issues for a while (1-2-3 years) and needing a place to put all the stuff!)
 - a business card holder for all the docs, acupuncturists, blood drawing places, etc.
 - sheet protectors for all the bills, notes, etc.
 - maybe some inspirational quotes or things I have heard, maybe a few excerpts from my blog
 - a section that is a quick glance history of the process (I have this and it is awesome)
 - a section of books that I have read and liked, blogs that have helped me, websites I like, etc.

So while this all doesn't sound all this expensive, it really is!  I'm trying to figure out how to drop my cost down because it just doesn't feel right selling a binder for $80 even though that is just a touch over what I am spending to make it!  I want it to be pretty and kind of fun, knowing that this process really isn't.  So here are the dilemmas I am facing:
 - the calendars look way better in color than in black and white, but the color copies for one month are about $6!  So if I am including 3-5 years of calendars, that totals up quick.  Now trust me when I say I have spent a lot of time on these calendars already, and they aren't even perfect yet.  I've toyed with the idea of sending out the templates of the calendars, and that way the person can just print what they want, but then I need a CD to send and if it doesn't work with their computer or what not.
 - turns out I got a huge deal on the fabric for the cover last week because when I went back last night, it was triple the cost!  So need to find some other fabric that is cheaper and just as cute.  It's a really good thing I bought extra the last time, because now it is more expensive by a lot and I love the fabric I found!  (Where is my time machine when I need it?)
 - I don't want the price to turn people away.  This process is already so expensive.  I know because we are in the middle of it, so I try to think how hard would it be for me to buy something like this not really knowing what was inside.

So I ask you dear Bleaders, what are your thoughts?
1.  Would you buy a binder that has a beautiful cloth cover in cheery fabric with a pocket for pens/post-its and all the above described stuff to organize all your fertility crap?
2. What would you consider paying for something ready-made like this?
3. What price would turn you away?
4. What are items that would be must-haves for you?
5. What features don't really mean anything to you or could you live without?

I'm also flirting with doing one for pregnancy, so if you have had kids, please let me know the same answers to the above questions.  I know you get lots of stuff when you get pregnant too, so a place for those is uber-important once there has been a successful part of this first step.  I'm trying to determine if I keep going with this or just stop cold in my tracks.  I do really want a sewing machine because the cover is really cute and I want to perfect the making of it!

Please help me out and answer the above questions whether you are working on infertility, or have ever been pregnant.  You can email me your responses at nikusroad@gmail.com or post them here, pick your pleasure.  But please help me figure this out.  You guys are my test market and my public relations forum!

Thanks much and talk soon.

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