Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organized - Holy Cow! I should do this for a living!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love good organization and binders.  When we got married, there was a binder and lots of spreadsheets with guest lists and costs and everything.  Even a time table for those involved in the wedding.  But I was no Bridezilla...at least I don't think so.  I was very calm and collected.  Anyway, why did I never think of a "baby making" binder?

Well, today the Fertility binder was born and it's perty.  Is it frightening that I get excited over things like this?  I got excited going to Office Max to get the supplies...even finding the lowest cost thing that I needed in the right color?  To only traipse home, work all day and as soon as I was done, begin the organizing that I had looked forward to all day long?  Even as a kid I loved getting school supplies and organizing my school stuff.  Today was very reminiscent of that.  I bought a binder (lavender of course), a pencil pocket (always gotta have good pens), notebook paper (cause you know I take a lot of notes!), sheet protectors for all the stuff the doc gives us, dividers with pockets, for all the other stuff, and even a hole punch for the binder so I don't have any excuse to keep up the organizing!  It's gorgeous, organized and perty!  Yes, it is perty!

Then, I even had the grand idea to make a spreadsheet of our history.  Partly for me and for costs (but don't worry, already have one going for all those medical expenses that could be deductible for taxes) and partly to be able to look at our progress quickly.  I know, I am a nerd.  It's a little scary to look at at first, but then it makes me realize how far we have come, how we have grown as adults and how much we have learned about ourselves.

I'm very proud of my little binder and all the information it holds.  Now just a couple things to get from the doc and to keep it up.  Maybe I will even write or produce a book like this one day for others with our struggles.  I know...I get excited over silly stuff!  Night folks!


  1. Sounds awesome! I love office supplies and organization.

  2. Dude, you should make an infertility organizer. I'll put little infertility jokes in the sections to make 'em laugh. We can sell them on Etsy. This is a good plan!

  3. That could actually work, but it wasn't all that exciting. Next time we catch up, I will bring it and we can brainstorm. I'm always up for some extra cash!! You never know, it could work!

  4. I can vouch for your love of organization :). In fact, I was just thinking about you the other night and wishing I could have a little of your savy, because your house always looks so beautiful and mine ALWAYS needs help!!!

  5. I can't stand clutter around the house. It drives me nuts!!!


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