Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Infertility step...first one since October.

Hello dear Bleaders...I know I blogged last night but I actually have something related to our infertility issues to tell you. 

I was thinking about the upcoming months and realizing that I am traveling in April and May and then August, and also realizing that those travel dates are right around the time I should be inseminated if we were to do IUI again, I figured maybe we should consider starting another cycle with Dr. H in March (my cycle is set to start next Tuesday and that is when you start taking fertility drugs - I know from experience!).  (Also helped that Busted Kate asked me what we were doing infertility-wise yesterday and it occurred to me we haven't done anything since October 2009.  Can you tell how much input this lady has on my life...she is awesome!) 

Anyway, discussed my thoughts with J last night and we decided before we jump into another cycle that is double the cost of the last 3 due to the added drugs, we needed to sit down with Dr. H and have a discussion.  I also brought up the point that I haven't had blood work done since 2008 and maybe it is time again.  J is worried that we would just be throwing our money away for another IUI when the last 3 haven't worked, and I pointed out that the step after that is IVF which is 12 times the cost of the previous IUIs.  Yes you read that right, at least TWELVE times the cost!  And it isn't guaranteed that it will work.  So we need to chat.

Called Dr.H's office this morning and had a lovely chat with the nurse, voicing our concerns and was lucky to be able to set up the meeting for next Friday at 1 pm.  Then I asked her if she would ask Dr. H about the blood work.  She called me about 15 minutes later and said she had caught him and he agreed blood work was needed.  It has to be taken on day 2 or 3 of my cycle in the am after fasting for 8-12 hours, so what do you know, AF is due next Tuesday!  (Watch, this will be the one time she is late!)  Anyway, set up the appt and got the information about how to get the blood work done.  If I have it done even on Thursday, the results will be in by Friday for our chat with Dr. H.  Does this sound like it is supposed to be?  I think so.  Even if AF is late, we can move our appt to the following Friday so we don't miss a beat and can discuss the outcome of the blood work then. 

So, our current news is we are meeting with Dr. H next Friday to discuss next steps, cost, probability, questions, etc.  And on that note, I decided it was high time to put all my information about all this stuff in order.  I just have a stack of paperwork, but looking at it now it makes me sick.  Partly because of all the money spent to do it, but partly because it is a mess and I am an organized person.  So I'm off for a little errand to get a binder, and dividers and whatever else is needed to organize this craziness.  But, I will also probably pick up some Eegee's, since I am going into withdrawals here. 

I did go to WW this morning and was up a bit, but plan to be on track for this week and track everything that goes in my mouth.  Even the Eegee's I plan on consuming for lunch.  My life needs to have some order to it again...well, as much as I can control anyway. 

Hope your Tuesdays are going well dear Bleaders, and off we go again on the infertility roller coaster.  Peace out loves!


  1. Good for you for getting organized. I also think that Kate spurred you at just the right time. Maybe this magic will lead to better magic. I hope this one works for you and you get some more concrete answers from Dr H.

    Thanks for your thoughts last week by the way. They were very welcome. We are doing pretty well. Back at work, taking J to his classes and planning for our new house. One day at a time.

  2. No, YOU rock m'dear :-)

    I'm being nosy, how much did IUI cost with Dr. H?

  3. Maybe you may be late because your pregnant! You never know! :)

  4. Baby Hang - I hope it works like that...the one time I make the appointment and we don't need it. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the happy thoughts.

    Kate - emailed you with IUI cost.

    Motley - you are in my prayers. Glad things are getting back to normal. You are right...one day at a time.

  5. I was glad to read this and, as always, send positive thoughts your way!

    PS - I hope the Eegee's was amazing. I swear, sometime I need a play by play of en Eegee's grinder...


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