Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

Yes, still.  I am now officially 4 days late.  And all the tests say negative.  So WTF?!  I questioned whether to write about this because if I am pregnant, then I want to be able to tell my family and friends who read this and hear their joy.  (So if you are one of those, just act surprised okay and let me tell you in my own special way!)  But I had to write something because this has been bugging me for days now!  Here is how my week went.

Monday (CD #28) - gym, work, lunch with the girls, work, Nico's (hey, I was craving it and figured AF was due Tuesday so it was my indulgence), home.  Didn't realize AF was due that day until I went upstairs to bed and looked at the calendar.  Oops!  Oh well, no biggie.  Figured it would come Tuesday.

Tuesday (CD #29) - took a test just to see and it was negative at 5 am.  Worked out with my friend, WW (weighed high - hello, had Nico's for dinner!), worked, back to WW for the meeting, home.  Called the doc's office to see what to do because we had our discussion appointment with him on Friday and I needed bloodwork done by Thursday.  Nurse said wait a day or two, and retest.  If nothing, call and reschedule appointment.  Nothing else.  No cramps, no bloating, no soreness.

Wednesday (CD #30) - gym, work, lunch with boss/Mom, work, home.  Nothing!  No issues what-so-ever!  Took a test last night (I know bad time, best time is in the AM).  Again, negative.

Thursday (CD #31 - today) - took an expensive pregnancy test (I have FirstResponse and the cheapies from and it was negative.  Worked out with my friend.  Called the doc's office to cancel tomorrow's appointment and couldn't reschedule until March 30th at 11 am.  Asked to come in and have blood taken and they asked why.  I think I exclaimed "because I am 4 days late and tests say negative!"  Personally, I don't feel comfortable taking whatever drugs they want to give me to induce my period until I am 100% sure that I am not pregnant. 

Let me reiterate here that I am NEVER late!  EVER!  In fact, I can remember the last time I was late.  It was July 2007 and I had actually gotten a false-positive test, then a negative test later.  And both J and I were a bit frantic because I was still on BC and not expecting this at that point, but we were excited.  I finally succumbed to a blood test when AF was about 7 days late and it too was negative, so there was no denying the fact.  But AF never showed, until the following month.  At that point I stopped taking BC, and somehow we got to where we are now.  The ONLY other time I have ever been late was in college, once, and I might have been 2 days late, took a test, it was negative, and then AF came.  Case closed.  Wasn't trying to get pregnant, so was relieved.  Those are the only two times in my entire life that I have been late.  So this isn't normal!

Going back to the nurse...after my exclamation she said she would check with the doctor to see if he wanted a blood test or an ultrasound to check my endometrial lining.  I figured a blood test was quick and easy and cheap, and would be a definitive answer.  So now I am still waiting.  And waiting.  And sweating.  And waiting!

I know some of you who aren't Infertiles may be wondering why I don't believe the negative tests and this may sound silly, but since one has never "worked" for me, I don't have a lot of faith.  I know you say "well, you have never been pregnant!"  But I still have the doubt in my mind that it won't work for us.  The test, not the pregnancy.  Plus, throughout this process I have read multiple times that sometimes the tests don't work for certain women. I don't know the percentage, but I know it exists.  I have read that women can take the test when they are 8 months pregnant, and it shows up negative!  How does that make sense?!

Anyway, therein lies my dilemma.  I will keep you posted...or your phone will ring! Love Bleaders, love!

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