Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I feel like a freak

Let me start by saying this has been an emotionally and physically challenging day.

First off, woke up this morning with the biggest, fattest, bottom lip on the planet.  It looks like the Sandman botoxed me in my sleep!  I got a little sunburnt at the air show on Sunday, and while I had put sunscreen every where else, I missed my lip.  So now when I walk into a room, my lip does first and then I do about five minutes later.  To top it off, it hurts really much that I questioned eating today, which never happens for me!!!!  It feels like I have a jalapeno sitting on my bottom lip...yeoch!   I cannot express how ugly I feel and how much my lip hurts.

Second, I had a very sad note.  A friend who found out she was pregnant a couple weeks back miscarried today.  She told me she was heading to urgent care and a couple hours later called with the news.  I can't even imagine what she is going through.  Poor thing.  I haven't crossed that bridge yet, so if anyone has encouraging things that I can tell her or a someone she can talk to to help her get through this, I would greatly appreciate it.  My heart hurts every time I think about it.  Sad Nikus.

And on that note, I think a margarita is in order - since I probably can't eat dinner, no salt please, and a big bag of ice that I will plaster to my mouth.  Love and prayers folks. Love.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I was just sharing equally sad news concerning one of my (out of state) friends. I've been there, and yet I also struggle with finding the "right words" to say. With my first loss, I did have a friend (who had experienced loss) bring me a "Miscarriage Survival Kit", with chocolate, a heating pad, and chick-flicks. She also included a great book that I loved, called "Hannah's Hope", which looks at loss through a Christian perspective (if your friend shares those beliefs). For me, I needed to know that my friends were there for me, that they would give me just a little bit of space for a couple of days until I was ready to talk, and that they would then listen to me--as sad as my story was (is) to share. Praying for both you and her.

  2. We're going to get her flowers tomorrow. It is one of my girls at work. I know she'll be okay, but it doesn't make it any less sad.

  3. My heart hurts so bad for your friend. I went through my 4th miscarriage this month... (the first one of 2010). She and her husband/boyfriend/significant other are in my thoughts!
    Also - although I no longer go out in the sun very often I do feel for you on the sunburn... I used to sunburn a lot! :( Not comfortable, that's for sure. (BTW - I found you when Kate mentioned you in her blog, so I'm here for that though I don't think I've commented yet lol!)

  4. Welcome Jenny! WOW, I don't even know what to say about your condition. My friend and her hubby haven't been married that long, so this will hopefully help them build their relationship. It is just hard to think about.

    My lip feels like it wants to explode! All these years in AZ, and I have never burned my lips. Well hopefully never again!

  5. I'm so sorry about your friend :-( I've had two instances of going to the Emergency Room, only to find out I miscarried. The ER docs are the worst when it comes to bedside manner of infertility... I got the "chin up, you'll get pregnant again" and the "miscarriage is very common" speeches. Blah. There only advice I ever have for folks supporting a friend in a miscarriage is, in fact, no advice. Just say you can only imagine how difficult this is, and you're here for her.

    Hope your lip is feeling better soon!

  6. PS: I left you a message on Facebook too :-)


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