Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So Monday was the big day and I can't believe that I have been wandering this Earth for 30 years.  But what changed?  Nothing.  I still am very happy where I am in life and relationship with my hubby, family and friends.  I have grown my family (only by creating family from close friends who I consider sisters and extra parents).  I am very happy in career (albeit REALLY hard somedays to want to study for my CFP - aka "the big nasty").  And I am really happy with how far I have come in life and matured.  Yup, I said it...I have matured, mostly. 

Let's recap.  Thursday night, I picked up Michelle from the airport about 11:30 pm...way past my normal bedtime.  It was AWESOME that she flew in this weekend and great to see the face that I talk to on the phone so much.  Friday, I worked in the morning and let her sleep in.  Things went kind of haywire at the office because the computers started freaking out, but I took it to mean that the Universe was ready for me to have vacation and Michelle and I hit the mall.  Me to return stuff, her to purchase.  Friday night was pretty chill and that was great.

Saturday, the fun began.  Michelle and I got up (letting Jason sleep in) and headed over to my friend Heather's house where we frosted my birthday cake (Coconut - SO YUMMY!) which Heather and I had made Wed night.  On the way home we stopped at the Mall to return more things and when I came back to the car where Michelle was with the cake on her lap, the battery had died.  Couldn't find hubby and finally Mall Security (later referred to as small security - after drinking) jumped us and we were great.

Came home and got in the spa for a bit with coffee and just chatted.  Jason left to "run errands" and eventually we started getting ready for the PARTY at Blanco Sat night.  I curled my hair like you wouldn't believe - took FOREVER, and tried to look my prettiest.  Then another great thing happened, my BFF Kirstin was ringing the doorbell.  Now I would love to tell you that was a surprise, but it wasn't.  I knew she was coming and the anticipation of that was even better.  So pretty soon Jason was home and we were all ready to head to the party place.

Got there in perfect time.  Blanco's employees had arranged tables in a long table, and that really wasn't what I wanted, so the next half hour was spent re-arranging them to let people mingle and eat.  We decorated with tape that said "Caution 30th birthday in progress" and things of that nature.  About 5:15 pm our first guests arrived and from there it was a blast.  I think all in all, about 50 people showed up.  I have never felt so loved.  The things people were saying (how I looked, how they loved me, how they were so happy to be there, etc) really made my day.  The food was fantastic - nachos especially! (now let me say, if you have never been to Blanco Tacos and Tequila at La Encantada, you are MISSING OUT!  The food is phenomenal!  As is the manager and the staff and the atmosphere!)  and the drinks weren't half bad either.  But the company had to be the BEST!  I just enjoy watching my friends enjoy each other so much.  I know I looked at my watch a hundred times, not because I wasn't having fun, but because it felt so late - again, I am old!  Cake came out, people sang, wind blew the candles out, more drinks, more hugs.  Finally, it was clearing out and U of A was losing (only bad thing that happened that night) and we decided to call it a night.  Here's the best part - the bill was less than HALF what we were expecting!  Doesn't get better than that.  So of course we tipped well because they took extremely good care of us!

I know I was very tipsy because of the 7 White Peach and Hibiscus Margaritas and hardly any food (yes, despite all the food we ordered, I don't really think I ate much).  I know upon recounting the story of the stalled battery in the car with Michelle and Kirstin I said, "I called the house phone and the home phone and he still didn't answer" and "Small security saved us at Smacy's!"  That shows what a great night it was.  Once we lugged all the presents in - my friends are TOO generous!  The girls hit the jacuzzi, wine in hand, and Jason relaxed on the couch.  Finally hit the hay about 2:30 am!  WAY WAY past my bedtime.

Sunday, I couldn't sleep in despite the amount of alcohol consumed and the late bedtime, so I was up at 9 am.  Kirst joined me about 9:30 and we had breakfast and coffee.  Michelle joined not too much later and we decided to take a trip down memory lane for Kirst and me and a sightseeing tour for Michelle so went down to University (Frog and Firkin) for lunch and then wandered around the campus.  Great day!  Home again and was allowed to open a few presents, then dinner with Michelle and Jason and to bed kind of early.

Monday, up at 5 am - yes 5 am on my birthday - to drive Michelle to the airport, then back home and back to bed.  Jason and I both had the day off so we slept in and then had breakfast in bed, along with lots of presents - I will write thank yous, I swear!  Then time to hunt for a new TV since ours was on the blink.  After lots of shopping, we found one and ordered.  Then dinner with the parents (their 35th anniversary is the same day as my birthday) at Famous Dave's and home to assemble the TV and entertainment center!

WOW, what a weekend.  Today was spent studying even though I was "on vacation" duty still calls.  And tomorrow will be spent with friends and children, always fun.  Then lots of cooking on Thurs for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating on Friday.  Probably lunch with another friend on Sat!  WOW again.

So thank you to EVERYONE who sent a card or a text or an email or a FB message or came the party or gave me a hug or took me to lunch or gave me a present or just thought of me.  My 30th was great and I can't wait to plan the 35th party...I know where it will be!!!  Love you guys!

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  1. You did look beautiful for your party, and thank you again for taking me to the airport so early on your birthday! It was a great weekend :D


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