Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Tap, tap, this thing on?  Is there anyone left out there?  I'm so sorry I've been so absent, but things have just been so crazy.  I will try to catch you up on everything, without leaving out too many details...this may be a couple parted post...

So, you know I'm at 34 weeks...and as of Sunday, I'll be 35 weeks!  I can't believe we have little less than 6 weeks to go!  Everyone says it goes fast, but I had no idea it actually did!

On Friday, February 24th (yes, I am really that late!) we went to visit the lady who will be our pediatrician.  I've known her for years because when I was swimming regularly (I haven't probably since before IVF), she swam there too and we got to know each other through our team and the little parties our team liked to have.  Plus, every time I talk about her to my friends, someone pipes up and says, "that's our pediatrician and we love her!".  So I think we're good.  She's very honest, but not brutal and her office is ideal.  J doesn't know her very well and I've only been to her office with Ms. T once, so she recommended we come in and meet the staff and take a tour and just chat.

Their office is very inviting and fun.  There's a placard above check-in that says, "Children left unattended will be given an espresso and a puppy" if that tells you anything.  The nurse came and got us and showed us some of the rooms, explained that there are 3 docs in the office so you can see whoever if baby is sick, but you'll definitely see your doc when it's time for regular check-ups, and that both nurses are lactation consultants (SCORE!).  Again, very helpful and inviting.  Sat down with Dr. Kids and chatted about various things: 1) the schedule Reese would be seen on, vaccines, cord blood banking, childcare options, etc.  Very informative and good.  We left feeling like that is definitely the right place to take Reese.

From there, we left town...literally.  We had planned our "baby-moon" or "last vacation just as a couple for a while" and it started that day which is why seeing Dr. Kids worked out so well before we left.  I had found a Groupon a few months back for a two night stay in a hotel in Bisbee, AZ, a ghost tour and dinner at a brewery.

Bisbee, AZ is about 2 hours from our city and is an old mining town.  It has a lot of history and at it's peak was thought to be the next Manhattan, if you can believe that.  It was built for walking and not driving.  However, after the mines cleared up, the town kind of died and now is just a historic place with lots of fun hotels, restaurants, and artists.  It's very quaint, but I surely wouldn't want to live there.  There's also a lot of talk of ghosts that wander Bisbee, so J was very excited to go.  It's also very hilly!  We stopped to have lunch in Tombstone (another historic place in AZ) on our way to our destination.  We took some pictures but none of us...oops!

Bisbee is a nice town but you could never convince me to live there!  After a day and a half we were ready to leave.  We took a trolley ride around the city and listened to the driver tell all kinds of historical facts and stories, which was nice.  Our hotel was, of course, at the top of a hill and our room was, of course, at the top of the stairs, so my lungs got a pretty good workout the whole weekend.  We ate some pretty good food, and picked our way through the museum about all the mining era and the first baseball park to be built in AZ where Babe Ruth played a couple times.  I'm telling you, they thought Bisbee was gonna be H-U-G-E...boy were they wrong!  We also got massages, which was fantastic, from a lady who also worked at the hospital...ahem, delivering she knew all kinds of tricks and things.  She even gave J some advice on how to get me through labor.  I want to bribe her to come be in the room with me ... she was great!  The one thing I came home from Bisbee with that I wasn't too pleased about was ... cankles!  For those of you who don't know, that is when your ankles swell up it looks like there is no change between your calf and your ankles.  And boy did the elevation surely have an effect on mine...yuck!  Uncomfortable and not pretty to look at.  They went away after we came home, but they weren't fun.

We got home on the 26th of February and on the 28th, we had another ultrasound to monitor Reese's cyst in the brain (the one they didn't measure last time - remember!).  We ended up having the very same tech who had initially found the cyst and she was fan-tab-u-lous!  She searched and searched and the verdict came back...NO CYST!  YAY!  However, now our little baby girl has decided to be breech.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  I have a feeling this will continue once she is born too!  We were told that we have time for her to move and she has space to do so.  She's currently 5 lbs and has hair!

Here's one of the many pictures the tech sent us home's amazing what they can see inside the belly.  This one is in 3-D!  Look at her little smushed face! 

Anyway, we were way relieved to hear that the cyst is no more, and that she can still move into the position she needs to be in to get out without a C-section.  J had to go to work, so he left for work and I went across the street to see Dr. OB for my bi-weekly check-up, however I was about 30 minutes late because of the ultrasound being late to start and running over, so Dr. OB's appointment was way late too.  Dr. OB's office had scheduled both appointments, so they had to know it would happen.  Dr. OB too was excited the cyst was gone and when I told her Reese was breech, she said, "we'll still get her out!"  

To be honest, the thought of a C-section had never even crossed my mind.  I just thought it would all go seamlessly.  I'm not against it, if we need it, but it had never entered my brain.  Maybe this was just God's way of getting me ready to think about having to do it.  Dr. OB said that if this were my 2nd child, she could still come naturally because (get this) my pelvis would be experienced.  Apparently, I have a virgin pelvis so pushing out a breech baby just will not happen...fine with me!  Anyway, one more thing to think about.  Other than that, doc visit was fine. Of course we talked about my weight which was up about 2 lbs from the last time.  I can only do so much people!   And I've been having tingling in my right hand fingers.  The verdict is carpal tunnel brought on by this little girl in my belly.  So now I have a brace that I wear when it gets really bad, and usually some at night.  Whatever it takes right?!

Okay, I will stop here and let you rest.  You'll hear the rest tomorrow!

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