Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here I am, as promised

Hi Bleeps, told you I would be back.  It's definitely been a couple of crazy days, but will try to sum up without writing a novel. 

Let's start with Friday.  Appointment with Dr. OB - we are weekly now.  I think I see her and her staff more than my own friends at this point!  Anyway, no weight gain.  No pep talk about sodium - thank goodness!  Essentially, she said that this baby girl isn't going to turn and we need to prep for C-section.  She asked me what days worked the week of April 9th.  I said, "Thursday or Friday."  So that's when she told her nurse to try and schedule.  Upon getting to the window to check out, I realized that Friday is Friday, the 13th, and there is no way I am letting someone cut me open that day.  So I asked if we could really shoot for Thursday, the 12th, instead.  They like to have patients be the first surgery of the day, so we're looking at 7 am.  Nurse Shari hadn't read doc's notes yet, so wasn't on the same page as me when I told her the 12th.  Receptionist Annie heard me, but I reverified after speaking with all the parents this weekend that the 12th is better than the 13th in any case.  So sounds like we'll be having a baby on the 12th of April, unless some real fancy footwork happens by this little girl in my belly.

Not much else after that on Friday, that kinda gave me a lot to consider that day.  Will still see Dr. OB earlier in the week (9th or 10th) just to verify this little girl hasn't flipped.  But if you can't find me on the 12th, now you know why!

Saturday, we had an appointment for our oldest dog (Sierra is 8 - we got her when we got married) for her annual exam at the vet.  They were super busy with emergencies, so took a little longer than we expected.  Got her in and the first thing the doc says is, "she's not technically due until May" to which I looked down at my belly and said, "true, but I'm due in 3 weeks!"  She smiled and completely understood.  Then doc found a bump on Sierra's gum that we hadn't noticed.  It's about as big as the tip of my pinky finger.  Could be a cyst or a tumor or simply cactus that got infected.  But need to now have it removed and tested for cancer.  Lovely timing right?  They gave us an estimate ($700-$1,000!) for this whole process.  Could have to remove her canine and even bone depending on what the cyst has attached itself too!  Haven't set a date for that, but we're discussing how this will all work.  Sierra acts like she is fine, so she's not in pain.  So after that bombshell, we headed home.  J started working on the yard, and I promptly left again.

I headed to lunch with Trainer's wife for some good food and lots of honesty about what's in our future, as far as baby having!  She's always good for that.  As usual, learned a lot and enjoyed good times with her.  Then it was off to the mall for a little shopping - as little as I could handle.  I was told to get nursing bras, underwear for after the birth, and nursing tops, among some other little things I needed.  I think I was there about 2 hours and that was all I could handle.  Dropped things off at home (J was out running errands) and then off to church.  Am really enjoying this new church - except for the fact that they don't like to have the A/C on and I'm always hot these days.  Thankfully, MBM's sister gave me a fan months and months ago that I keep in my purse, so I'm good.  I had a craving for Baskin Robbins after mass so stopped and got mint chocolate chip ice cream that I can't remember when I had last and headed home where J and I had dinner and watched a movie.

Sunday was another day of errands.  Costco and Target and then lunch at Zin Burger (yummy!).  Then home to unload and pay bills and clean my office.  I've been a bit lazy for a while with almost any paperwork that wasn't absolutely necessary concerning baby - i.e. magazines, coupons, etc.  So I finally went through the piles that had formed in my office and got rid so much.  Now I don't cringe when I walk in here. 

I guess that about covers our weekend.  We've started a count down on the white board in the laundry room of days until we meet Ms. Reese and it's at 16!  How hard is that to believe!!!  We're really close now folks! 

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