Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Stretch...so I am told

Hello lovely Bleeps!  Here we are, 5 weeks to go.  The nursery is done.  The taxes are done.  But apparently I am not done!

Today I had my last bi-weekly visit with Dr. OB.  By that I mean that I saw her two weeks ago and I saw her today, but from now on, I'll see her every week.  Today's appointment was a bit different.  Usually, they check my weight, blood pressure, size of my belly, baby's heartbeat, and answer my questions.  This morning they did all of that, but also checked my cervix!  Holy cow, that means we are really close.  No fear, I'm not dilated at all - which she didn't expect me to be apparently.  But she has to check.  And Reese is still breech.  We talked about what the future could hold.
   a) If Baby Girl is still breech a week before my due date, they will schedule a c-section.  
   b) Dr. OB doesn't turn babies in the belly (called an External Version) because she figures if baby is like that, there is a reason (could be baby knows my pelvis isn't big enough, or a variety of other things).  And if the placenta tears we've escalated into an emergency situation.
   c) If Baby Reese turns herself (that's what I am hoping for), and still hasn't shown up by a week past our due date, they will induce me. 

So, we continue to talk to her.  And I read the other day to put an ice pack or bag of peas on the top of my belly (or where I want her to move from) and because she wants to be nice and cozy, she'll move away from the coldness.  Have been doing that all morning and I can 1) tell she doesn't like it and 2) tell that she has moved from having her head under my ribs to further down.  So we'll continue with the ice pack and hope she gets the picture.  I know there is nothing wrong with a C-section and I'm not averse to it.  It's just not OUR ideal way.  But we'll do whatever it takes to get this baby out!

Dr. OB also got on me about sodium again.  I'm getting a little annoyed with this.  I keep hearing her say that I'm retaining water and that's bad.  But then I hear from all my mommy friends that EVERYONE did that when they were pregnant.  So I don't know why I am so special...plus my blood pressure is fantastic they always tell me at the doc's.  I'm doing what I can to not eat salt, but it's not easy!  Everything has salt in it - except fruit and veggies.  But then I am told I need protein and milk.  So...ugh!  What to do?  I'm doing my best!  Oy!

Okay, enough rant. 

We have our last childbirth class tonight...which one of J's friends told him was only for hippies...um, guess he and the wife never went huh?  And these are the same people that sleep in the living room with their 3 year old because he won't sleep in his bed.  At three!  Don't think we'll take advice from them!  Sorry, that was kind of a rant too. 

I'm really in a good mood today...seriously!  I am!

I guess that's really it.  Talk soon folks!


  1. Getting closer now! How exciting. I am having cesar (no option on that) so not the end of world, as long as baby comes out!

  2. 5 Weeks to go, WOW! Cant believe you are so close already. Thinking of you often.


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