Sunday, March 25, 2012

Full term

Hi Bloggettes!  I'll bet if I told you that I write posts in my brain all week long, you would never believe me at this point because I am not posting them!  Well, in fact, I do.  I just can not find the time to post them.  I will!  I will.  But for now, please let suffice the post about our 37th week, which started today, which also means I am full term - however pregnancy is 40 weeks?  And don't get me started on the 9 month time-line. 

So here's our weekly update, and I will try my hardest to post soon this week, especially about my visit with Dr. OB on Friday...very interesting.

Week 37 of Pregnancy
Your doctor may check for labor signs, while your baby prepares for birth by sucking, turning, and breathing in the womb.

Your Baby in Week 37 of Pregnancy
Congratulations! You've got what is officially considered a full-term baby, even with three weeks to go. That doesn't mean he's finished growing — in fact, he's still packing on about a half pound a week (at this age, the average fetus weighs about 6.5 pounds). That makes it a little crowded in your uterus, so he’s probably not kicking as much, though he’s probably stretching, rolling a bit, and wiggling (all of which you’ll be able to feel!). Right now, your little superstar is busy rehearsing for his big debut, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (to get the lungs ready for that first breath), sucking his thumb (to prepare for that first suckle of milk), blinking, and turning from side to side.

Your Body in Week 37 of Pregnancy
Your body is going through its own preparations for childbirth as your practitioner starts looking for signs of labor. On the checklist: the baby's position in relation to your pelvis (engagement) and whether effacement (thinning of the cervix) and dilation (opening of the cervix) have begun. Your practitioner may also determine whether your cervix has begun to soften and move to the front of the vagina, another indication that labor is getting closer. Keep in mind that these processes can occur gradually (over a period of weeks or even a month or more in some women) or overnight. So while they're clues that you're indeed progressing, they're far from sure bets when it comes to pinpointing the actual start of labor.

Alright folks, talk to you soon.

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