Saturday, March 10, 2012


About 3 hours after all my doc appointments on the 28th, Mom and I headed to Phoenix (about 2 hours away) to see 9 clients over 3 days.  Talk about crazy days!  Of course, everyone happily accepted the pregnant lady into their arms.  Got to see J's parents (they are clients too) and BFF in Phx and her Mom for a nice lunch (my how I love these ladies!).  All in all, a great trip but very tiring...and by day 3 my feet were again tired of the shoes I had which were closed in and not very giving, even though they were flats.  I begged on the third day if we could stop and look for some sandal type shoes in a gap between appointments.  Mom obliged and we were lucky to find a Famous Footwear that actually had some sale shoes that didn't look awful.  Even got some for $5 that I love...however, they are 1.5 sizes bigger than I usually wear!  Say what?!  Oh well, again, whatever it takes right?!  Let's just say I don't see any hikes in my near future.  I was so grateful for the new footwear though.

Had a lovely manicure and pedicure the day after returning home from Phoenix (we're talking about March 3rd now), again with cankles.  But at least now one part of my feet is toes!

The next day, I was determined to get through our taxes knowing that IVF was giving us some pretty hefty medical deductions and wanting to get them done before Ms. Reese made her debut.  Got those done with just enough time to get ready for our maternity photos!  

I'd taken extra time with my hair that morning, so about 3 pm, J and I started getting ready for these photos which we had to leave for about 4 pm.  We didn't want to match clothes, but we wanted to compliment each other.  I was in a white shirt and he in a black with somewhat of a pattern on it.  A guy that I went to elementary school through college with had agreed to take the photos, he's a photojournalist now and great photographer. As our last few photo sessions have been in parks, we opted for something different and ended up in Downtown Tucson, warehouses and stuff.  No pics to share just yet, but I can't wait to see them.  He did a lot with natural light and back-lighting.  And yes, of course we'll share when they come in.

The following day, I had deemed "Nursery Decorating Day."  So while J was out scouting for camp sites for his annual camping trip with a bunch of his friends (his last for a while), I put more things away in the nursery and put the decals up.  Still not quite done, need a shelf for the letters that spell out her name, and then to finish up the decals, but getting closer for sure.  I really liked how it came out, but it sure did take a lot out of me!

I have wonderful friends and they keep giving me stuff, which is now bursting out of the nursery.  I know a lot of it won't be in there, like the swing, stroller, etc. after Reese joins us, so for now it has residence in the garage in the boxes.  J's job after his camping trip is to put all that stuff together.  We've still got to get the carseats in the cars, the stroller unpacked, and 3 or 4 other things put together.  Plus find a baby monitor!  That is my next challenge.

We had our 2nd to last Lamaze class on Tuesday, and our homework is to work on our birth plan, if we want one, which we do.  I mentioned it to my doc and she was quick to say, "some of these things you can't plan out," which I completely understand.  However, I think it's good to give her our wishes so she has an idea of what we want.  Our last class is next week.  We also did a baby CPR class with my parents this week, and that was great.  Now I feel comfortable that all of us know how to do CPR and the heimlich maneuver if necessary.  I learned these things years ago when I was babysitting a lot, but boy have they changed.  Also saw the heimlich maneuver have to be used on a patron at MY TABLE who was choking on his steak (when I was a waitress).  I would have done it but he was a huge man and I couldn't get my arms around him.  My boss did it and saved his life!  So, very good to know!

Whew, I think I am finally caught up...well, at least until Sunday when I'll be 35 weeks and due for another update.  And with any luck the nursery will be done by then...although, don't hold me to that!  Anyway, have a wonderful weekend folks and I'll try not to be so late anymore...but don't hold me to that either!

Much love....

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