Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do you believe in Angels?

Hi Bleaders, I know it's been a bit since I wrote.  Just can't get my head straight on with the holidays hitting me in the face.  I swear they snuck up on me...probably because from October to Thanksgiving I was in a hole studying for CFP!  So I'm now ready for Thanksgiving (even though my belt will tell you we need-ent go back there) instead of Christmas!  Back to my belt for a second, on my first week of back at WW, I'm down 5 lbs!  5.2 to be exact!  YAY me!  I know the rest won't come off that fast, but that's what happens when you eat out for about 9 days straight around Thanksgiving and birthday!  Okay, now on to the angels.

I have a friend who I met through Sparkpeople.com a couple years back.  Ash is a wonderful presence in my life even though I have never met her.  Sparkpeople.com is a fitness website, similar to WW but free and just counts calories.  Anyway, she lost a lot of weight and looks awesome and is just a little firework.  She just had a precious baby girl - Annabelle.  She and I have emailed a lot over the years with inspiration and talking of our situations, so she's up to date on all my happenings.  Anyway, she is awesome.  Back in March when I was some days late with AF, she asked if she could do a reading with my Angels for me.  I was a little skeptical, but said sure, just as I left for the doc to get a blood test upon which as I sat there, AF showed up...big waste of $28 for a blood test!  Anyway, upon my return to work, she had my reading waiting for me.  Man, it was dead on.  Dead on!  I was already weepy because of what had happened that morning, but this put me over the edge, full fledged tears and at the office, lovely.  It's hard to read something that is so true and not believe, especially because I have never met Ash personally.

Well, recently, I asked her to do another one for me and I've asked if I could post it.  Yet again, it's dead on.  So here's what she said (know that I may or may not have pulled things out that are just a little too personal).  Be skeptical, but I am not.

Reading began...I'll comment in red about how things are relevant.

**While I have interpretations and words that come to me while doing readings, your interpretations are VERY important since this is YOUR reading. Make sure you listen to your thoughts, ideas, and body messages, as they will often give you thoughts and clues.**

12/2/10 at 12:12 EST I started your reading and those numbers are significant. 1s mean think positively and only about what you want, not what you don't want, as your thoughts are shaping your future. 2s mean keep the faith. (I always think "I don't want to not get pregnant" guess I need to change that.)

As soon as I called upon your angels, two male angels appeared. (When I read this, what are we 4 sentences in, I was done.  Both of my grandfathers have passed and I think about them often - my Mom's Dad loved trains and every time I hear the whistle blow in the morning, I tell him hello.  I was on the other side of town a couple weeks back and happened to drive past the cemetery where my Pappy is buried.  I don't know what came over me, but I needed to find him there, even taking my heels off and wandering through the cemetery barefoot for about 20 minutes til I found him. So you could say we're close.) They wanted you to know that you are safe, protected, and they are always with you, so never feel alone. They also love you very much.  (Ash made this comment after I told her who I thought the angels were....And the fact that the two men really wanted me to emphasize that they love you and are always with you makes me believe you are right...they most likely are your grandfathers.)

Ok, now to the cards.

COUNSELOR- you are being counseled in your sleep, so make sure you are getting enough sleep, as this is the time your angels are working with you the most. You may need to seek help from a counselor, if you feel it necessary, but know that you are a natural counselor for yourself, all you have to do is trust yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings. (I am constantly telling myself I am okay...whether I am working out or attempting the CFP.)

PROSPERITY- financially you are okay, just remember to think positively.

CAREER TRANSITION- you are going to have a career change soon that will help you to meet your life's purpose. *The woman on the card had these piercing eyes that made me feel like you've been LOOKING for this career change for a while*  (I really hope this means that I passed the CFP because that will change my career vastly and it makes sense if I have been LOOKING for it for a while.)

***Are Nikus and J ready for baby?***

When I asked this, your angels told me "no, net yet, there is 1 more step to take in the next year." And then I pulled these cards. (IVF is slated for this year, could this mean it will work?)

YOUR WISH IS GRANTED- Yes, you are ready and your wish will be granted, but not until (see you below)

BUSINESS VENTURE- your career/business change is complete. Follow through on your thoughts and ideas about changing careers, they will bring about great change. After that (see below) (Again, this goes back to me asking God to let me get pregnant after CFP)

PREGNANCY- wahoo! There will be the birth of a child. (!)

SPRING- Your wish will manifest itself in the spring time. (In my head, I have anticipated beginning after I know the answer to CFP, and that happens in January but then means 2 months of birth control which puts us at mid-March....hello spring! I realize this could also mean the baby is born in the spring, which would mean we're pregnant next summer.  I'm good with that too!  Anytime, I'm good with it!)

***Will it happen naturally?***

READY, SET, GO- NOW is the time to go after your desires.

REST- relax and take care of yourself (believe me, you won't have time to take care of you for a VERY long time) (Ash just had a baby so she kinda knows about not having time to take care of yourself, and I just rejoined WW so am taking care of me).

YES- :) (!)

TIME TO MOVE ON- it is time to let go of those old emotions, old disappointments, and just let this happen on it's own time with no strings to the past. (I do this so much and it's hard to get over having no real progress on the baby front, with the exception of no spotting.  Hopefully beginning IVF and taking care of myself will help with this.)

***Will she need help?***

YES- (I thought this counteracted the previous question, so I asked the question below)

***What kind of help?***

VACUUM AWAY FEAR- get rid of fear, you are holding yourself back by your fear of not conceiving and the fear of all the past 'failed' attempts (though they weren't truly failed attempts, as it will all happen at the right time) (Refer to above question...I am very fearful and that's hard to get rid of.  But apparently I need to do just that)

INDIGO CHILD- the child that is waiting to come to you is VERY sensitive and can feel all your emotions. So make sure they are all positive. (Again, hard to do.  On some things I am very positive, on others I am positively negative, conception being one of those.)

CANCEL, CLEAR, DELETE- when you do think of something negative, you need to cancel, clear, and delete that thought. A good way to do this is by saying "cancel, clear, delete" and sweep your wrists with your other hand's fingers. Then think of what you really do want (replace the negative with a positive).  (Interesting!)

***What does she need to know about money?***

ALL IS WELL- money is exactly as it should be

CLEAR YOUR SPACE- it is time to de-clutter your life and home though, so if you have things you don't want or need, sell them for extra income.  (I swear I said to J the other day that we needed to clean out the closet in the guest bedroom because that will become the nursery and there isn't room for baby stuff.  Guess after the holidays, that is what I'll do!)

***Is there anything else she needs to know?***

DIETARY CHANGE- make sure you are eating healthy and taking vitamins (Hello, do you not remember my post about hating my prenatals...guess we better get re-acquainted.  I am eating healthy on WW, so good there, but just recently)

CONNECT WITH NATURE- we all come from this great Earth, so take time to connect with it. Go outside, enjoy the weather, dig your feet in the dirt, PLANT A SEED.  (I am not an earthy person, except for boot camp, then I get real close...can't say I enjoy it, but I get real close.  Although, I can't live without my AZ sunsets!  THE BEST EVER!  And I have a black thumb, maybe we'll have J plant a seed.  No pun intended, okay, maybe a little bit!)

LET GO- let go of the past, move on (Again, very hard to get over all the failure...I'm not used to failing at things)

(The next couple of cards are from a deck of cards that I am making to sell and am still working on. They are meant for children, teenagers, and those people who don't have much experience with oracle cards).

STRENGTH- be strong and have strength

PRESERVE- hold onto the things that are important to you and don't let disappointments bring you down (need I repeat? Are we seeing a trend?)

KINDNESS- be kind to yourself, in your thoughts and actions (Meanie Christinie is always telling me that I need to accept who I am, I know she is talking weight, but I have days where I am mean to myself, especially lately.)

SPEND- this card can mean many things, including it is okay to spend money on things you need and want, but since FAMILY came after it, I believe it means to spend time with your family (Ummm....Christmas is here and this weekend is Christmas shopping time!)

End of the Reading

So, now who doesn't believe?  Again, this really hit home for me and I am hopeful that I can do many of the things Pappy and Grandpa E told Ash.  I will continue to talk to them always and believe that their hands are at my back.  If you want to know more about these wonderful men in my life (and now my angels) here is the blog about Pappy and Grandpa E.  Ash is now starting to do readings for people for a small fee.  If you are interested in contacting her, you can email me at nikusroad@gmail.com and I'll forward your info to her.  She is truly blessed and so am I to know her and have this little insight from above.  Incredible!

Now another quick note...I know, this one is getting long, sorry....I have a dear friend who is struggling this holiday.  I've known her since high school and she is truly great.  Her hubby and kid aren't bad either... ;) .  Anyway, there are about 6 of us from high school that still hang out quite often and we've decided that it isn't okay that they don't have a Christmas tree nor presents for their almost-3-year-old son.  These people are truly struggling to stay afloat (she's a teacher and he runs his own handyman business and photography business), but despite that, this past weekend he held an all day photo shoot with all the proceeds going to a family from their church that is trying to adopt (this hits especially close to my heart because I realize we may need this some day, some help raising money for IVF or Adoption and I love that there are people out there willing to do that - my heart swells).  How can you not love someone who does that?!  Especially many of the people in this group understand what a costly process that is.

So since yesterday we've been trying to get people to donate things to help them have a great holiday.  If there are any big hearts out there who want to help, please let me know.  We're hoping to do a big Santa-drop next weekend!  And all help is welcome....I've posted on FB and had good response, also dropped a box at my gym and my office building, while the other ladies are doing the same.  I know the holidays are rough, but who doesn't have a toy at home their kid doesn't play with or a gift card in their purse that they forgot about and can donate (I just discovered one the other day that I forgot about!).  Like I said, any help is welcome.  Just let me know if you are able.

Have a wonderful day and week folks, and remember, tell your Angels you love them, they are with you whether you believe it or not....I do every day!!  Love you Pappy!  Love you Grandpa E!


  1. Very interesting... do you have contact details for her?
    Well if it's true that is VERY good news!

  2. Her email is ASherry.Snow@gmail.com. She's awesome!!!


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