Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa...

Yes, yesterday's post was a bit vent-y.  I get that.  So hopefully today's will be brighter...after all, it's gonna be a new year in just about 3 weeks.  If I were to write a letter to Santa this year, this is what it would say.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all you do and all the joy you bring.  Over the years you have brought me many things, and I have enjoyed them a lot.  I even recall a kitten at one point who blessed our lives for many years.  However, I have a bit of a bigger request this year, although it too will bless us for many years to come.....

We've got a big year ahead of us I feel.  An expensive year.  And not because I intend to do a lot of shopping, but because I anticipate going through IVF in the coming months...probably around March as the case may be.  This is where the price tag comes in.  Turns out making a baby doesn't just require some margaritas and the person you love for us.  So, I would ADORE a rather large check in my stocking this year.  I mean, really quite large.  My doc's price tag is $8,770!  You read that right...$8,770.  Yeouch!  That's a decent used car!  Anyhow, if you happen to have a check of that nature lying around, please pick me!  I am over this waiting stuff and would be over-the-moon if that showed up.  We have some cash socked away, but I was really hoping to keep that for after el-bambino is born.  I'm definitely on "saver" mode after the holidays, but that's a lot to save, even to pay ourselves back!  A little help is very welcome!!!!

I guess request number two is for passing the CFP.  Should probably be request #1, but having a baby really is closer to my heart than passing the CFP if you can believe it.  While I may have wanted to pass the CFP for the last 5 years, I've wanted a baby for the last 30.  So if you gotta grant one, go with baby.  But if you have another one in your back pocket, please grant me a "pass" for the CFP.  Even if I just slide by, I'll be ever-so-happy.

I guess that's it this year, ya know, nothing much.  Oh, and don't forget to help all those other folks out there that need a helping hand (especially our friends that we have been getting donations for ).   Please take care of them too.  I know $8,500 could go a long way for those folks too, so I understand if you can't deliver that check to me.

But know that I desperately want it so maybe in 2011 we can have a baby!  That is my ultimate goal!!  I'd love a bigger check to cover 2 IVF cycles, given our history, but I can't bring myself to ask for that outright because so many people need help this year.  Even asking for the first check seems selfish.  How about no check, and just get me preggers before February!  No, that doesn't mean leaving Mrs. Claus and knocking at my're a doll Santa, but just not my type.  A little Christmas magic would be great either way.

Thanks again for any way you can help us or our friends or anyone out this Christmas!  Love to Mrs. Claus and the elves,


  1. You've been a very very good girl all year, and if anyone deserves TWO wishes to come true, it's you!! Sending you love and hugs and good positive vibes for a fabulous 2011 :-)

  2. Dear Nikus - hope your wishes come true!!

  3. I know this is far away, but have you ever heard of Shady Grove Fertility Center? It is near me in DC and they guarantee a baby or your money back. I'm not sure how expensive it is, but it might be worth the air fare and you could come stay with me! :)

    I hope Santa brings you all your wishes!


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