Friday, December 10, 2010

Guiliana & Bill UPDATE (SPOILER ALERT) & More Media Coverage

Hello my's been a little bit hasn't it?  Time to catch up....

J and I watched Guiliana & Bill the other night (technically, I did because he recently commandeered my old laptop and discovered Facebook while sitting in his lazyboy....I may never see him again!) and while WE had learned about Guiliana's miscarriage weeks ago on the show, in the time frame of the show, the general public wasn't yet informed for obvious reasons.  So this show was about them telling the general public and Guiliana's speech to her E! public.  I couldn't find the speech she gave, but suffice to say, it was appreciated by me that she wasn't keeping it a "dirty little secret" as infertility seems to be and she was very open about the situation, despite how difficult her speech was to make.  She did great and I'm very proud of her.  I did find a couple other clips of G&B talking about their issues:

Guiliana & Bill on CNN

Guiliana & Bill on Fertility Lifelines

This one is an article I came up on my search for the clip of Guiliana's speech on E! that I wasn't able to find:
Guiliana & Bill in Self

My point is, and has been a lot lately, that infertility isn't a "dirty little secret" anymore and it is okay to talk about IF YOU WANT TO.  I understand there are people that keep this kind of thing private and I do understand why.  I can only speak for myself when I say that I felt like I was broken and nobody wanted to hear me talk about that, however more often than not when the conversation switched to infertility, all kinds of stories came up about the person I was talking to or their sister/mother/brother's wife/friend/etc. that I was blown away.  Once you open the gate, it all comes tumbling out and you don't feel so alone.  That's the big thing for us Infertilies...we aren't the ONLY people in the world that this is happening too.  That may sound silly to someone not in the situation, but at 31 with so many preggos popping up (sometimes it seems like daily - I have 5 baby blankets on back-order to make!), it is hard to handle being the only one that doesn't get to say those blessed two words ("I'm pregnant!). 

And my parents' generation is ready to ask me "when we're having babies" because we've been married 6 years (7 in April, together for 9!) and in their minds "it's time."  I can't just say it is my parents' generation because even for me that is the question I ask to my friends when they have been married for a bit...maybe less-so now because of where we stand, but definitely not the rest of the world....especially that one guy at that one party that is just trying to be nice, but doesn't get the hint that he either needs to walk away or let the subject drop because his advice of "getting drunk and doin' it" is getting old and has been said to us, as if we didn't think of it WAY long ago.

Now last night, J and I were watching $#*! My Dad Says on TV, which is becoming one of our favorite shows (and J did put the computer down to watch this show), and I won't say it was all about infertility, but there definitely was a splash of it.  Totally blindsided me and I was really proud of the show producers.  For those of you who haven't seen this show, it is your run-of-the-mill sitcom with William Shatner as the Dad who says random things and is just an odd, old, army guy who seems to be unfeeling with his 2 sons living in the house or close-by and one son's wife.  The son and wife wanted to get a dog "not because they wanted a baby" as was made blatently clear in the first few moments of the show.  They end up not being granted the rescue dog they wanted because the reviewer also decided they wanted a dog for the wrong reasons, so Dad (William Shatner) gives the wife a bulldog and in a very uncommon moment at the very end while she is loving on the dog, he puts his hand on her shoulder and visually squeezes, to which she puts her hand on his.  Now given the nature of the rest of the show, this was just very sweet and hit me head on.  Not the place that I would expect to see a little infertility, but very happy that it is becoming more mainstream so Infertiles like me don't feel so alone in this battle.

To close, once again modern media is making me very happy with their recent change in discussion of infertility and hoping that it is becoming less of a "dirty little secret" and more openly discussed.  That's not to say that everyone should think their advice will get me pregnant!  But don't be afraid to open your mouth and say, "I know someone struggling to conceive too.  Good luck with whatever you do, let me know if you ever want to talk."  That goes much further than telling them to get drunk and "do it!"

Now at 2 pm almost, I'm off to find lunch!  Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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