Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm born again...and it pisses me off when...

Hello folks!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great couple of days off from work - if you are in the US that is!  If you aren't in the US, I hope you just had a wonderful weekend.

Last week was a bit ridiculous, eating wise anyway.  Besides 2 Thanksgiving meals, both which had to be around the 2000-3000 calorie range, there were also a slew of birthday celebrations which all circled around food or drinking!  Therefore, I rejoined Weight Watchers this morning, with the beginning of their new program and the ability to go to as many meetings as necessary in a month for one low monthly cost, as well as online use!  Here I come...some would say I didn't need to do that, but I feel I did.  When I told J, his response was, "why?!"  I told him I wasn't happy with how I looked and felt.  I can workout with the best of them, but I can also eat anything and everything in sight!  So, here we go again.  WW has changed their program a bit and their pay structure (making what I like to do - online and meetings CHEAPER!) and I'm all in.  I'm welcoming anyone who wants to join me.  So that was why I am born again!  Born again to be slimmer!

Now for "It pisses me off when..."
I think I am a pretty cool-headed person, usually.  I mean, I do get mad about things, but not nearly what I used to.  Anyway, just like anyone, there are a couple things that will ALWAYS rub me the wrong way.  

1. People who spell my name wrong
I have a VERY simple name.  Four letters for the first name and four for the last.  I have never seen people spell a simple name, so very wrong, friends and new acquantinces alike.  The correct way is "N...I...K...I."  In incorrect ways I have seen it are as follows:
---really, need I go on?  It is really quite simple.  And the fact that it gets spelled wrong on Facebook (under the correct spelling) and in emails (of which my name is PART OF) really irks me.  Also, people I have known for a long time who spell my name wrong.  To me it is just disrespectful.  Many people are good, but some I just want to smack.  Especially if they are trying to get back into my good graces because we've lost touch or whatever...come on.  Four letters!

2. People who forget my birthday (and birthdays in general)
Now, I admit I have done this in the past and probably will upon occasion in the future.  But this is really bad.  I've dealt with it my whole life because not only does my birthday fall on my parents' anniversary (which makes their date get forgotten) but it is also right around Thanksgiving.  So as a child when we tried to plan my birthday party, it would always have to be before or after, and then it wasn't fun.  As a teenager when all my friends were getting balloons at school from friends on their birthdays, my friends typically forgot because they were excited they wouldn't be in school or would be out of town.  I spent my 21st birthday with one of my guy friends' girlfriends at the time, because no one else was around to celebrate.  When people showed up at our house for Thanksgiving, they would automatically say, "Happy Thanksgiving" and maybe hours later remember that it was my birthday too, or quite possibly my parents' anniversary, but mostly not at all.  So am I sensitive about people remembering my birthday, especially close friends?  Absolutely.  And do I try my damndest to not forget others birthdays because I know how it feels and it sucks?  You better believe it.  And how annoyed do you think I am when some well-meaning person sends me a birthday message a week late, with my name misspelled?  Let's just say I grit my teeth and respond, all-the-while mistakenly spelling their name wrong, to prove a point, which many times goes right over their head.  Sorry, touchy subject.  (For future reference, my birthday is November 23rd...mark your calendar now!)  Now I realize that people's lives don't revolve around me, but it's not that hard for friends and family to put a reminder somewhere and send a card, give a call or even shoot a text.  I'll take anything!  Just feels good to that person and should feel good to the person sending because they made that person's day!

3. People who think they are entitled.
We covered this a while back, but to reiterate...you need to earn what you want.  Every breath you take, every success you want, earn it and then I believe you deserve it.  But don't tell me you are entitled to it because you put in the time, but not the effort.  Nuff said.

Alright folks, it's taken me all day to write this because I've been working (read: not studying!) and now I need to eat some low points dinner and go to my WW meeting.  Have a wonderful evening and eat well!

OH - if you want to subscribe via email, go to the top of the page and on the left hand side, enter your email address and click subscribe.  I just always forget to say that.  Night!

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  1. I hear you on the name thing. How people look at Suzanne and pronounce it Susan makes no sense to me.


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