Sunday, September 4, 2011

So now you know....

You will be reading this post almost a month after I have written it Bleeps only because I needed time to tell everyone about our pregnancy.  But I wanted to get all the details of 8/8/11 on paper computer before I forgot them in the rest of the craziness that I feel will be ensuing.

August 8, 2011

I woke up about 7 am and couldn't fall back asleep, so wandered to the computer room to check email that had accrued from our trip to Pinetop (without much internet) and catch up on Facebook and Blogs.  Talked to Kismet via Facebook chat and heard that it was her daughter (who was born thru IVF)'s 20 month birthday, so we both deemed that a good omen.  Also read my horoscope, which said "If you're not in a good mood, something strange is going on - you've got so much positive energy coming your way that you should be grinning from ear to ear and maybe even farther than that!"  I had a feeling it would be a great day.

About 8 am, I wandered back to bed where J was still sleeping.  I was in the middle of reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it was really getting interesting, so I read before forcing myself out of bed at 8:15 am for my 9 am blood draw appointment which was 5 minutes away.  Showered, put on very little make-up, comfortable and "lucky" dress, kissed J good-bye, made my breakfast smoothie and set off for the lab.  Made it fairly quickly although it turned out to be someplace else than I had thought.  Got in right away and blood draw very quickly and painlessly.  On my way home by 9:15 am.

J was awake when I got home so I crawled back into bed with him while he was watching TV and read some more.  About 10:50 am, Obama came on to talk about the debt crisis and it reminded me that I needed to go work a little bit (yes, even on my day off) so I got up to do that and J got up as well.  He went to the garage to unpack the truck from our trip and I went to my office.

I was on the phone with a client when my cell phone went off at 12:02 pm.  Thankfully our call was done so I could get off the phone with her and answer my doc's call.  It was Holly and after we said our hellos, I said, "hold on, let me go find J."  Then, as I scrambled down the stairs I said to her, "Do I need J?"  She replied, "well, he is the FATHER!"  I let loose a blood-curdling scream and began to cry.  I finished running down the stairs, although more carefully now, to the garage where I just handed J the phone telling him it was Holly.

She said to him, "I hope those are happy tears."  He said, "Me too."  She said, "They are!!!!!!"  I can't tell you exactly what he said just then because I was in his arms and he was squeezing me tight!  I think I heard him say, "well, that's good."  Holly then let fly on a bunch of information about continuing my meds, getting another blood test on Wednesday, 8/10 to make sure the numbers were behaving themselves and then told him that my beta was 746 which made it highly likely we were pregnant with twins.  At this point, I had composed myself enough to take the phone back and hear all the information myself.  We hung up and hugged very tight in the garage - how romantic - when we pulled away, J's eyes were wet.

We went inside where it wasn't 105 degrees and hugged and cried some more.  Talked a bit about who we would tell and then began that barrage.  J's Mom's birthday was the following day, so we figured we would tell her this evening so she could wake up happy.  My parents were in Pinetop and while I wanted to tell them in person very badly, I knew I couldn't wait until they got back a month later.

I texted Kismet first because she had emailed me that morning.  She was way excited, texting back "Twinies!"

Then I tried calling Volleyball Queen, but she didn't answer (dag-nabit!) but she called me right back.  I told her the news and she began screaming incoherently!  We talked for a long time about the events of the day and she told me if she lived in AZ she'd be swinging me around and hugging me so hard!  (Love you VQ!)

After hanging up with her, I called Busted Kate, but she too didn't answer her phone (double dag-nabit!) and finally called me back.  I gave her my beta number and she went ballistic.  She too wanted to hear all the details.

About that time MBM called from the office and asked how my blood work went.  I said, "do you really want me to tell you this way?"  She said, "I just asked about the appointment, not the outcome!"  I said the appointment was fine and quick.  We talked a bit about work and finally I decided I couldn't wait until Wednesday to tell her so I told her we were preggers with twinners!  She was very excited, however calm so the rest of the ladies wouldn't know at the office.  I told her she could tell her hubby, but no one else.

Finally, went down to have some lunch and J said he had texted his buds at work and his BFF.  They were all very excited.  I called the pharmacy to get more drugs and planned to go pick them up, as well as groceries.  Called Holly back to see when I could go back to working out and she said whenever I wanted to and it would be good, just nothing crazy.  And to tell Trainer.  As of writing this post, he doesn't know yet.  Will tell him in person when I see him next.

J suggested that after so many negative pregnancy tests that I now pee on a stick again to see if it would show.  I told him I was chugging water so I would need to go.  I finally went and it popped up right away.  Who knew those things actually worked?!   I showed J and he said, "that's what it is supposed to look like?" 

Got in the car to run errands and Mama L. called about something non-baby related, but then she asked if I knew.  I couldn't lie so I said, "I'm not telling."  She knew that meant yes and said, "I won't tell anyone!"  I told her that it was quite possibly twins and she was very excited.

Called Melslaw on my way to the pharmacy and she was in a meeting, so said she'd call back.  Got to the pharmacy, and after paying, I was looking through my meds to realize that I didn't have all that I needed.  So we figured that out, paid again (yeouch!) and then back in the car to head for groceries.  Melslaw called about 10 minutes before I pulled into Target.  We chatted about her job, etc. and I finally said, "are you ready to be an auntie?"  She said, "SERIOUSLY?!"  I said yes and told her about the events of the day.  As everyone else, she was very excited and turns out she'll be in town soon so there will be celebrating when she comes.  Finally got off the phone and got groceries.  Almost got a University of AZ onesie, but wasn't thrilled with any so I opted out.

Home to unload groceries and then sit down.  BFF in Phoenix called while I was unloading so I asked if I could call her right back.  She agreed.  I finished and called her back when I was sitting.  We talked about her life and finally, kind of out of the blue, I said, "are you ready to be an auntie?"  She said very nonchallantly, "of course."  I said, "how about an auntie to two?"  She said, "what?  WHAT?  You know?!  How do you know?  You are?  OMG! I thought it wasn't until Thursday! OMG!  Congrats!  Nik!  OMG! ..."  And it continued! (smile)  She asked if she could tell her Mom, Mama R and I said yes.  I recounted the story of the day's events again, and then we talked about her coming for Labor Day weekend and her birthday.  Finally, after a bit more screaming, laughing and reminding her that we were still very early on, we said our good-byes.

Upstairs to work a bit on bills, update the binder, and relax when Schelle called.  I tried to keep it to small talk and about our trip, but didn't tell her on purpose so I can tell her when she comes at the end of August.  She always told me if I found out I was preggers to call her and tell her to buy a plane ticket, so since she already has one, I didn't tell her.  Our conversation was short and sweet and I think they'll stay that way until she comes.  Otherwise I may burst.

With that, I am off to relax a bit and then we'll call the parents.  I know, we haven't told them yet, but we wanted them to all be home from work.

Yes folks, we are preggers!  It still doesn't feel real.  But I know it will.  Just takes time.

WOW, we are pregnant.  I don't know where to go from here...


  1. Oh wow!!! Congrats hun! Just take it one day at a time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I know how you feel! Beyond telling people...what do you do?!
    I am so glad you got the good news you were waiting for. If you have twins - we can help each other cause I have no idea how to go about this!



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