Monday, September 5, 2011

It's annoucement day.....

Please note, this post was originally written during my 3 am blog visit on July 28th, but for reasons you'll read about, couldn't be posted until now.


Hello Bleeps!  Now that the transfer is said and done and all we can do is wait, but we needed some distraction in our life, so without further ado....our announcement we don't know if we are preggers yet (I mean in my mind I know, but I have nothing to back it up) the transfer was like 5 minutes ago....sorry, our announcement is.....

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE...or rather, A SECOND HOUSE!  Our dream house to be exact!  This place is perfect and I'm so excited!!  It has plenty of room for out twinies, or our first and second child, however this comes to pass, a great area for the dogs, a pool and everything I've ever wanted to do to our current house.  Now you are supposed to say, "what are you going to do with your old house?" and the answer is we are going to rent it.  Already had a couple inquiries just from people we have mentioned it to.

If my life wasn't busy enough already right?!  We've been thinking about this for quite some time and after getting all the financing in place, on a whim while J was working last Saturday I went out with our realtor (who also happens to be MBM's Mom and my longtime "other mother" Mama L.) and we looked in the area we wanted to be in.  We looked at 9 houses in about 3 hours.  Some were okay but too pricey, some were just plain not gonna work, but there were 2 that really had some pieces I liked.  So we took J back to both on Sunday and he said a flat-out no to one of them, but the other he fell in love with like I knew he would and like I had.  The house's owner was actually there when we went back on Sunday and told us that his Realtor was having an open house that afternoon and since we were both in love with the house, we figured we better hop-to or someone else would jump on it.  Sooo...while I was at Super-Mom's shower with lady (who coincidentally gave me no issue what-so-ever and I was very cordial to for the 5 seconds we spoke), J took my parents back to the house to get their opinion of it.  They fell in love with it as well and agreed it fit us to a T.  Sooooooo.....Sunday evening, we made an offer and Monday afternoon the owner countered and we accepted!!!  We close on August 19th and move that weekend!

I'm so very excited and the only reason I didn't let the cat out of the bag earlier (here's the reason) was because I wanted to do some digging and make sure Schelle (and a few other people I didn't want to tell via the blog) weren't reading the blog because....Schelle's got a plane ticket to come see us in early September for Labor Day weekend and J had the great idea of surprising her with the new house! Picking her up from the airport, not saying a word and just driving to a different house.  (By some incredible feat in the 5 years after J and I left Denver, I have seen Schelle every year - either by some fluke trip to Denver for work, or her making an effort to come here for my 30th birthday or just to play, we've made it happen.  So...she's been to this house - now referred to as the old house - many a time.  I don't know that she'll notice the different route "home" but I know when I open the garage door to a different house altogether, she'll take note!) 

However, Schelle does read the blog, but I know she's been really busy lately, but I she reads so sporatically that I couldn't take the chance.  But I had to do a little recon to make sure and when I talked to her tonight she verified she hadn't been reading for a while because we make it a point to talk every week and she hears my stories straight from me, rather than reading them - which I assumed (of course after I wrote this, but thankfully didn't post, she read the blog to catch up on transfer day).  So as hard as it was for me to do, I didn't tell her about the house.  Now I've just got to keep it a secret for the next month until she gets here for Labor Day Weekend - a huge feat for me as I tell Schelle a lot! She is one of my besties!  I even planted a seed with her saying, "if we're gonna have twinies, we'll need a bigger house!" and the practical woman that she is she said, "yes, but not while they're real little!"  Oh does she have a surprise coming!  I love giving people surprises!

The other thing about this whole scenario that makes me so confident in IVF is that everything is falling into place perfectly.  We found our ideal house the first day and low-balled the asking price because we are in a recession after all.  The owner didn't accept our offer right off, but counter-offered something in the middle - that we deemed very fair - that we could still afford and we accepted.  The owner even got another offer before he had counter'ed on ours that was HIGHER than our original offer and his counter-offer, and because we made our offer first (and I believe because he met us and we were sooooooo interested and asked lots of in-depth questions) he was honorable and said to his realtor, "let's see what we can work out with these kids first," which is in part why we figured out how to afford his counter offer, not wanting to lose the house of our dreams over nickels and pennies.  And then our loan guy pulled some strings and had all these discounts for us from his company that I couldn't even have imagined!  It's just all working out too well to not believe that we are on track to a lot of bigger and better things in our life, especially so far as preparing us to be parents and have the right tools to make our children's lives great.

However, the two flaws this house has, or I guess doesn't have, is that there is no door from the master bathroom to the master bedroom and the garage isn't THAT much bigger than our current garage - but I think that is a plus so J can't have too many more toys that belong in the garage.  If you recall, that is what one of our current house's flaws is that there isn't a door from the master bathroom to the master bedroom.  So after 4.5 years of living here, we finally broke down and with the help of J's Dad, put in a wonderful, beautiful door.  And now we're leaving and we are sans door...again!   Who builds a house like that?  Apparently, quite a few designers!

Another piece of this perfection picture is that I have always toiled with the fact that Dr. OB is on the other side of town and I want J to be at as many appointments as he can be, but it would be beyond out of the way for him.  Well now, it's right down the road!  And the only hospital that my doc delivers at is right next door to her office so we are set.  I know these are minute details, but I have often thought about switching just because it would be closer.  But now I don't have to!  It's just all working out so very perfectly!

I'm beyond excited and can't wait to move.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is packing!  EWWWW....I hate packing.  But unpacking is quite fun I think because you are in a new place and get to put things away in your new digs!  We already have a bunch of friends who have offered to help us move and J, Mom and MBM have told me that I'm not allowed to move anything heavy when we find out that I am preggers.  (However, J did say that on the off chance I am not preggers, I get to move everything heavy, by myself!

Anyway, we've got a very busy few weeks and I can't see that slowing down anytime soon.  My "to-do" list has now tripled in size, but I can honestly say, that my mind is off Eenie and Mo in my belly.  Well, kind of.


  1. Congrats on the new place! Love the way everything is falling into place. :)

  2. It all happens for a reason. After the way our lives played out in 2010, I am a firm believer!

    Soooo excited for you! For everything!

  3. It really was a wonderful and unexpected surprise...all of it!! Thank you again for a great visit!! :-D


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