Sunday, September 11, 2011

Many firsts....

Hello my lovlies...I know I have been MIA since I blogged last week with so much information in a short period of time.  I figured you needed time to recover...I sure did.  So let me catch you up on where we are in this process.

STATUS:  As of tomorrow, the babies (I'm still saying two since we saw two on the 30th at our ultrasound) will be 9 weeks along.  That seems quite amazing to me that at the end of September we'll be out of the first trimester. tells me that at this point the babies are the size of raspberries, but they are sure wreaking havoc on my life...I guess that is what the rest of our life will be right? 

CONDITION:  How am I feeling these days?  Tired, always tired.  I wake up and I'm tired.  I go to bed at 8:30 pm and I'm tired.  If I'm not tired then my stomach is upset.  I haven't yet gotten physically sick, but I've definitely come close and had to ward it off.  I wake up not hungry but I know I need to eat, so I try and find something healthy, but then when that doesn't sound good I go for whatever does.  Fruits are easier than vegetables to get down, depending on the day.  The "ladies" are still sore, but not nearly what they were -- or maybe I am just used to it at this point.  For a long time I was having a lot of cramps, but those have kind of subsided.  I've had a headache here and there, but nothing crazy.  The biggest thing these days is exhaustion.  I've been told by Holly that in the first 6 weeks my blood supply will double, and that's why I am so tired.  It is also because the placentas are developing too, which I've been told stops in month 4. 

HAPPENINGS: People keep asking us if we have discussed names yet and we haven't.  J and I even discussed this phenomenon and we determined that it is really hard to discuss names when we don't know the sex, or even if we are having one or two babies.  I did buy a baby names book yesterday though, and when I checked out the lady in front of me looked at the book, then looked at me, and gave me kind of that "knowing" smile.  One of many to come I spose. 

Some of my clothes are getting a bit tight around the belly and I refuse to get on the scale, so I finally went to Target to get some belly bands.  It's a tight piece of material that goes around your middle and helps hold up your pants before you really need maternity jeans, then helps support your belly during it's growth, then helps again with your pants after the baby is born before your regular pants fit again. Since J had dropped me and was at Lowe's, I had some time to wander around the maternity section and look at sales.  I tried some things on and I obviously don't have the belly some of them are ready for, but some of the clearance items fit pretty nice and were cheap.  So I officially own 7 maternity items.  In fact, I asked the lady at the dressing room desk where I could find other sizes of one item and she said, "you know those are maternity right?"  I said, "yes."  She then said, "do you want maternity?"  I said, "yes."  So apparently, I'm not showing things as much as I feel like I am. 

I haven't been to the gym in at least 2 weeks, because I am just so tired.  I know Meanie Christinie, Lobster, Robot and Trainer aren't happy about that, but at least I hope they understand.  Trainer was very sweet after I emailed him the other day to put my account on hold because I am just so tired.  Thankfully, his wife just had a baby not too long ago, so he understands where I am coming from.  I feel bad not working out, but just day to day stuff wears me out very easily.  I haven't snapped at too many people I don't think, but I fear the girls at the office might get some of it soon.  I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible.  But it doesn't seem to help.  So. Very. TIRED!

J's STATUS: I've noticed some changes in J too.  He's always been very protective of me, but that has ramped up quite a bit.  He texts me almost daily to see how I am feeling, and if he doesn't text than he asks me when I get home from work.  He also is embracing our marriage much more openly.  That sounds odd and here's what I mean.  J has never strayed or anything like that, but he can't wear his wedding ring at work because if the metal touches the wrong part of a vehicle engine it could sear his finger off.  In that, he forgets to wear his ring on the weekends sometimes.  I know the ring is just a symbol of what we have, but sometimes that bugs.  Anyway, he came home from work the other day and we were relaxing in the family room and I saw something on his hand that wasn't his ring.  I asked him what it was and he said it was a rubber band that he had wrapped around his wedding ring finger so EVERYONE knew he was married.  I know it is only a small gesture but it meant a lot to me and made me smile.  It's also funny to hear him ask how the babies are.  I just never thought we would get here and here we are!!  He also makes a point of telling me what "the guys" at work tell him about their pregnant wives/girlfriends.  And when I tell him what my weekly emails say about pregnancy or what the books say, he is really very interested and asks questions.  I never expected him not to be, but it is great to see that he is living up to my expectations!

FUN NOTE: At our housewarming party, BFF from Phoenix and her Mom came down and they knew it was my Mom's birthday too (BFF's is on the 2nd, my Mom's is on the 4th) so they had brought my Mom a present.  It was a little cube that says "___ Weeks until I'm a Grandma" and then she can change the number of weeks with the little cube based on how much time I have left of my pregnancy.  How sweet is that?  I do have wonderful people in my life! They also brought me a scrap booking kit to keep track of pieces of my pregnancy.  Of course it is purple, and very sweet.  I've never been a scrap-book-er but this seems like a great way to start.

NEXT STEP: Our first appointment with my OB is on Tuesday. We'll find out then when our next ultrasound appointment is and where we go from here. 

This is all still very surreal to me.  But I know it's real and I know in my heart it will all be okay.  And again, I'm tired, so I am off to rest a bit.


  1. hope you survive, get some good rest and take care of you!

  2. It's real. It's happening. You deserve it. XOXO, SU

  3. Yep I was/am tired pretty much all the time. It's hard to to accomplish anything. I hear it gets better around 14 weeks but I haven't felt it yet.

    I can't wait to hear about the next ultrasound!


  4. I am totally buying those blocks for my mom! So cute - thanks for the idea! I am so glad that you bought some maternity stuff. We should get to enjoy every minute of this, right? (My belly has varied a few inches for the last few weeks - seems to depend on how much, ahem, gas I have. Sigh - how glamorous.) Have fun!


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