Friday, September 23, 2011

Looks like we're havin' a baby!

Hello friends!  After what seemed like waiting forever, we had our ultrasound today.  And it was a roller-coaster of a day. 

First off, I worked at home this morning but I had a very short window before Mom was picking me up to go to breakfast.  So I worked efficiently and quickly.  She picked me up and we went to a new place right by the house that I had seen had raspberry pancakes.  Now I've heard of blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes, but never raspberry pancakes.  We split an order, but each only ate one.  They were pretty good.  (Let me say here that after I woke up 3 times last night to pee, and J was having allergy issues, I didn't sleep well.  In fact, I probably woke up at 6 am and just tossed and turned until I got up at 7.  Was very nervous.)

Mom and I had a nice breakfast and chat and then headed to the ultrasound place.  I searched high and low on the internet last night for a map of the hospital for J where the ultrasound was but came up empty-handed.  So after Mom and I got there, I texted J instructions.  We got there about 12:10 am and had been told no less than 3 times not to be there any later than 12:15 for my 12:30 appointment.  J showed up about 12:20 (after getting lost and I called him to set him in the right direction).  When Mom and I had walked in there was one couple waiting.  After us came another family.  The family went in first, then the couple.  My thought was, "great, we're next."  Another couple women walked in and they were taken back.  And again.  It's now nearing 1 pm and we still haven't been seen.  I finally went up and asked the receptionist if they had forgotten us and she said no, everyone was there for a different reason and finally said they were having technical difficulties.  I sat back down a bit disgruntled.  Another lady went back and finally it was our turn.  All three of us traipsed back and entered the room.

There's a table, a computer, a screen on the wall and two chairs.  J and Mom sat in the chairs, me on the table and the very nice lady at the computer.  She asked how far along I was and verified some info, put the gel on my belly and away we went.  Right away, we see a baby.  We had told her about the twin thing and after a little bit she verified that indeed there was only one baby.  I didn't cry right then, I was amazed at what I was seeing on the screen.  A little thing with a nose, and arms and legs, and s/he was dancing or kicking or something.  She pointed out several things, took measurements, and played a bit.  Then she showed us the top of his/her head and what did the little sucker do?  He (see, this is where it's a he), he squirmed down away from the camera!  Booger!  Pretty soon he came back up, but he was being crazy!

She took lots of pictures and finally let us hear the heartbeat again.  So fast, so melodious.  So amazing.  I don't know what my Mom was doing because my eyes were trained on the screen.  J asked if she could see any of baby number 2 and she showed us just a small spot where it had been.  He asked if it would hurt the baby in there and she said no.  I haven't had any spotting, so I didn't know any of this was happening.  Anyway, after playing around a little more and showing us limbs and features, it was time to wrap it up.  We got 7 pictures (don't worry, they are below). 

Looks like we're havin' a BABY!

Mom had asked the technician if she could tell me to calm down and she patted my leg and said, "that'll never happen."  I had told her we'd done IVF when we walked in.  I don't remember what set her off but as she opened the door to let us out, she had tears in her eyes and she had to calm herself down.  She said she had actually retired a year earlier and come back because she loved her job so much and she loved seeing and hearing everything.  She was very sweet.  That's when I cried.  We got checked out before I really lost it, but once J and I were outside alone that was it.  I just let the tears come.  He asked why I was crying and I said, "we lost one."  He just held me and said, "it wasn't meant to be.  This is all for a reason."  I was immediately glad that we had put in 2 embryos instead of just one.  Mom then came out and asked if these were happy tears, and I said the same thing to her.  She hugged me and I think said it was okay to grieve, but we have one healthy baby and that was the purpose of all this.  She was very excited she got to be there with us. We parted ways. 

J and I went and found lunch at a place I'd been wanting to try for a while, Nimbus.  We walked in and as we were waiting to get seated I see someone in uniform (Air Force) walking towards us.  It's a guy that I went to elementary school, middle school and high school with, and dated for about 10 minutes in college.  We are Facebook friends and he's married now, but I wasn't expecting to see him today.  His wife is due to have a baby any day now.  Anyway, he gave me a hug and I introduced him to J and told him where we had just come from.  He congratulated us and we chatted for a bit.  We were cordial, but it was definitely weird.  His buddies were leaving so he left and we had lunch.  J and I had both texted a bunch of people to tell them the outcome of today, so we were responding to those as we waited for our lunch.  Both of us were still in awe.

Stopped at Target real quick on our way home and while we were there I started to really not feel well.  J found what we needed and we hightailed it home so I could finish work and rest.  Here it is 6:30 pm and I'm still at the computer! So on that note, I leave you with photos.


  1. oh wow... what awesome pics!
    And I am so sorry that you did lose one twin, that is hard to handle. Hugs.
    Just wanted to let you know as well that your fertility binder has arrived at the post office (I have the slip) I just still need to pick it up. Looking forward to it!
    Take care of yourself and feel better.

  2. Congratulations! I'm SO excited for you guys and can't wait to hear more about your journey. Thanks for sharing - I know this will be an amazing story for your child to read about someday. How precious you have so much documented. I love you so much and I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for you, J, andyour baby. Take care and remember "Toepick!"

  3. OH sweetie! A roller coaster indeed! What a wonderful sight that baby is...I think its ok to mourn the one that's gone. But what a celebration for the strong one. Hang in there, we are all here for you. Hugs!

  4. Awww. I think she looks like you :) Many congratulations.

    XOXO, Suzanne

  5. I am so happy that you have a little baby in there! (Perhaps it will be safer and healthier for it to have a "room of its own"? I know it's hard, but I agree with your hubby.) Can't wait to see some belly pics soon!


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