Tuesday, September 21, 2010

6 days late...stress

Why hello...let me introduce myself, I'm Nikus.  I know you may not have seen me for a while, so don't want you to forget who I am!  Sorry about that.  I'll try and catch up on my life and where I have been.

Let's see, oh yeah, 6 days late.  Don't get excited.  Yes, I am truly 6 days late.  No symptoms.  Nada.  No AF.  No positive test.  Finally called Dr. H's office yesterday and asked what we do.  They said blood test.  I didn't expect to be pregnant, but I also didn't want to risk if I was not knowing.  So after boot camp, I went to get my blood work.  Had looked up the lab before I left at 5:30 am, and they opened at 6 am.  Perfect, boot camp then blood work then home.  Right, no issues?  WRONG!  Boot camp....hard!  Drove to lab - and first couldn't find it, then got to the door - locked.  They opened at 8 am!  I wabs there at 7:20 am.  So, I figured I had looked the wrong one up and there was one close by that opened at 6 am.  Instead of waiting for 40 minutes, I would go find it.  I headed North...apparently, the lab wasn't North.  Finally, pulled over and found it on my phone.  It was closer to my house than the first place - ARGH!  Called and got directions and tried to find it.  Still no luck.  Finally, at 7:55 am, decided to just drive back to the first lab and be first in line.  HA!  I walked in at 8:01 am and the waiting room was JAM PACKED with people.  I was perturbed.  I even asked and they said, "we open the doors at 7:45 am!"  So got checked in and waited for another 20 minutes, then blood drawn (and vein moved - fun!) and then home.  Finally, waited the 4-5-6 hours for the results and I wasn't surprised when Dr. H's assistant, Pamela, called to say no.  She said if AF doesn't show by Thursday, call and we might schedule and ultrasound to see what's going on.  Great....I don't have time for this.  Texted J the results and being the great guy he is, he told me he loved me and we would continue to try.

CFP...yup, still working at it.  Got further along than last week.  Still working on it and getting stressed, but I push forward.  I booked my hotel for Chandler, thanks to a friend and got a great rate at...wait for it...the Crowne Plaza!  I know, insane...but cheaper than the Holiday Inn down the road!  Amazing!  Facebook ROCKS!  Also registered for the exam...$595 later, so now I really can't back out.  My boss will shoot me!  ;)  (Love you Mom.)

Drama.  I won't go into details, but we have had some drama at the office which is adding more stress.  Hopefully will be over soon, but that is here too.

I truly think AF is hiding out due to the stress, but I wish she would get over herself.  I've skipped a period about twice before in my life.  Once, at the start of this whole mess, and the second time sometime in the middle - which was then medically induced.  I hope we don't have to medically induce this one.  I'm happy being off the drugs, and don't want to go back.  We'll see what happens.  Plus, when Aunt Flow returns, she brings hell with her and it is twice as bad.

Weight loss challenge and Elite Performer.  Still doing okay on both.  Didn't win last month on Weight Loss Challenge, which is another reason for the blood work.  Weight was going down great and then shot back up at the end of the month for seemingly no reason...no pig out, no lazy, everyday life.  Now we're slowly moving down and still working hard at the gym and boot camp.  I'm up to running about 21 minutes out of my 30, and at least 120 pushups Mon, Wed and Fri, in addition to plank 3 times for a minute to a minute 30 each.  Trainer changed pushups and plank to make them harder on Monday, so hopefully in November, regular way will be a breeze.  It all comes down to November.  Elite Performer.  CFP.  Birthday.  Thankgiving - start of the holidays.

One more update about my friends Mr. and Mrs. South Carolina who were trying to adopt and struggling.  They were not able to adopt that child due to the grandmother of the baby (whose mother was essentially homeless and a drug addict) taking over.  There's still a lot to go and they are keeping in touch, but this feels like a closed book.  I know they are hurting, so prayers to them please.  They will be great parents one day...just need the right child! 

Want good news - it's about time right?  Waiting Lisa got her baby!  That's awesome.  We're so happy.  Busted Kate is still tootin' along in her pregnancy, a couple hiccups, but nothing she can't handle.  There are some great things happening...and they will keep happening.  Faith is a force not to reckon with!

This can happen.  This will happen.  I believe.

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