Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On a policital note

First off, my 200th post was on Sunday and now looking back, it was B-O-R-I-N-G and not worthy of being the 200th post!  Sorry about that Bleaders.

So, hopefully this one will make up for it.  I'm going to put in an email I got today from RESOLVE (which is The National Infertility Association, for those of you unawares).   I'm on their mailing list. It's a little frightening to read, but please do.

Dear Niki,
The only person that can stop SB 1306 and 1307 from passing is YOU! The Arizona House of Representatives is about to take the last steps to pass SB 1306 and 1307. 

RESOLVE volunteers have heard it straight from the horse's mouth that the goal of SB 1306 and 1307 is to interfere with or stop medical treatment for infertility in Arizona.  The goal is to make it harder for us to have babies safely.  At a March 31 hearing on the bills, a witness for the bills testified that if these bills pass there will be NO cryopreservation of eggs (sorry, cancer patients!) and NO cryopreservation of embryos (hello, future “octomoms”!).

We must stop these bills or it will be difficult or impossible to practice IVF in Arizona.  Doctors have examined the bills and determined they would not want to practice medicine under these new Arizona laws.  That means YOUR doctor may leave the state with no one to help those diagnosed with infertility.

MYTH: “My representative told me these bills have been fixed.”

FACT: That is false.  While a few amendments were made, the bills that the House Committee passed last week -- and that the House Rules committee will consider today, April 6 -- are still designed to impair the way IVF and egg donation are practiced.  Please visit RESOLVE’s website for details and a full analysis.

Please stop what you are doing and register your opposition!  It may be your last chance.  Tell your lawmakers what they are doing to couples who want to have a family. These bills may take away their only chance to have a child. They don't understand that many, many people will be harmed by these bills, that many, many people oppose them.  No one will act for you -- we need you, and we need you NOW!

Thank you!
Barbara Collura
Executive Director

P.S.  The bills actually criminalize the practice of reproductive medicine. Doctors who treat infertility can go to prison for treating a patient to the current standard of medicine! Is this family-friendly? I don't think so! We only have a few days left! Please help us get the word out. 

Seeing as our next step, should I not "spontaneously impregnante" is IVF, this is downright frightening.  Aren't there other bigger issues to worry about than someone who really, really, really wants to get pregnant and can pay for it actually happening?  I get the Octo-Mom thing so yeah, arrest those crazy docs.  But if this means Dr. H has to leave the state, I am screwed!  Please help a sista out people and go to the site.  They have a letter all ready for you to send and even figure out who to send it to for you based on your zip code.  It may not be happening in your state yet, but you never know until you try!

200th post over.  Peace out and protect IVF.  It may be our only chance!


  1. Hey chickie! I had so much fun Saturday, thanks for getting together.

    And thanks for the emails on this! I remembered after I saw this post that I wanted to add something to Busted too, so I went back and did that (and thanked you!).

    SIGH for Arizona. WTF?? Don't they have a budget crisis to be fixing or something? Nice to know how much time they have on their hands, coming up with this nonsense.

  2. Thanks love!

    Saturday was fun. Now you in for Happy Hour on Friday?!

  3. Where are you??? COME BACK!!! :-)


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