Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Infertile Fight Song

So once again I am stealing something from Busted Kate who stole the idea from someone else.  What can I say?  She's a smart lady!  Anyway, here is Michael Buble's song "Haven't Met You Yet."  I am pretty sure that he wrote it about a girl, but if you think about a mother singing it to her unborn (or yet to be conceived) child, the words fit perfectly.  (Those who get this via email might have to go to the website to see the video, but so worth it - video on

Sorry it is so big, I can't get it to be smaller.  So if you right click on it, and choose "Show All" it gets a bit better.  Otherwise, head over to Busted Kate's blog - because she is more internet savvy than me - and look at it there.  

Hope you enjoyed and I promise I will blog some this weekend...just been a crazy week!



  1. Woop woop!!

    When I went to YouTube, I clicked the "Embed" option. From there, there was an option to let me expand more options, including various screen sizes. I selected the size that was close to the size I need... then copied the HTML and pasted!

  2. you are right! the song is perfect!

  3. You know what is funny, while we were trying to conceive, that is all we listened to! We thought the EXACT same thing! LOVE that song! "I'll never give up, I guess it's half timing and the other halfs luck!"


  4. I'm the one that Kate stole the idea from =)

    I LOVE this song!!! It's perfect isnt it??!? Plus he is totally yummy!


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