Thursday, June 14, 2012

A year ago today...

Hi Bleeps...I'm still here.  I figure if I can get a post a week, I'm golden!  Thanks for sticking around and for those of you who have deserted me left me, I completely understand.

A year ago today (June 14th, 2011), I had 19 eggs retrieved out of my uterus.  I had been doing shots everyday, going to many doctor's appointments, and praying dearly every night for all this to work.  We were supposed to have the embryos put back in a few days later, but because of how many eggs I produced, it had to be put off until July 2011.  Here's the post from last year, just in case you want to walk down memory lane. 

A year ago today, I could only hope that everything we were doing would make our dreams come true. 

A year ago today, we had no baby clothes, no baby furniture, and no baby to watch.

A year ago today, my Mom wasn't sure how she felt about possibly being a grandma in the nearer future.

A year ago today, we were unaware how drastically our lives would change and if they would at all.

A year ago today, all we had was hope.

I am still amazed that everything worked out so well.

We have an abundance of baby clothes (thanks in large part to MBM's sister, who keeps bringing me clothes her little ones have outgrown and keeping us stocked with more cuteness than Reese will ever wear), an abundance of baby furniture, baby gadgets and a beautiful baby girl that I can hardly take my eyes off of.

My Mom misses Reese the minute she leaves our house and can't wait to come back.  She thoroughly loves being a G-ma!

Our lives are so different.  I sleep less.  I clean less.  I blog less.  And it's all okay because I am so ridiculously happy because of this little girl.

Today, we have love....huge amounts of love for this little wonder.

(And there's the tears again!)

I don't think I posted the professional pictures we had taken of Reese and us in May, so here's a few of our favorites.

 Aunt Melslaw knitted this little hat.  So cute!  J says it makes him think of a "20's baby."

 One of my favorite photos.  Having it blown up on canvas for J's first Father's day!

 This is in the nursery.  I love that he took a photo of it.

 Favorite family photo.

 J was holding her thru the chair from the back.  This little chair was J's when he was a kid and someone in his family made it.  I have one that my Grandpa made for me, for her too.

 Me, Reese and my Mom (G-ma)

My parents (G-ma and Grandpa).  I love my Dad's smile.  He lights up like that every time he sees Reese.

So if anyone in T-town needs a good photographer, you can see we know someone!

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  1. If you manage a post a week you are rockin it! I thought I was doing ok once a i realize i havent written for my family since....April.

    She is beautiful and your family is beautiful too. I love how you document your journey. You may lose some followers, but there are plenty of others who will stay on to support.

    Happy Fathers day to J!


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