Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sleep trials - part two

So we've entered the next step. It was a pretty ok day, but there were far too few naps after our late wake up.

I got her to sleep with the help of the Moby and that was great. But I had to take it off to get ready to go to church. Thus waking her up. Mass was good and she fell asleep about halfway thru after nursing.  After being shown off to all of Mom and Dad's friends (I attended their church instead of mine because the mass was honoring her), we headed home for our bedtime routine.

First a bottle because she was soooo hungry. Then a bath to clean, calm, and try to get the yucky cradle cap off her head. Change the diaper and now its time to rock. She wasn't super tired surprisingly, so we opted to nurse again. Almost fell asleep, and into the crib on a warm mattress she went. I warmed the mattress up with a heating pad while we nursed, then took it off before I laid her down. She was ok. Left the sound machine on and the projector with it and scooted out.

Woke up about 30 mins later and I let her fuss for a bit, then went and changed her and nursed again. This time I put her travel bed in the crib (so it wouldn't feel so vast), a thin blanket in the bottom because the cover is kind of starchy and warmed that up...although had to go find a different heating pad because the one I had JUST used wasn't working. This time she fussed a lot and I watched her on the monitor. Then she'd calm down and sleep for a few minutes, then fuss again. She finally settled down and was off to dreamland. I headed to bed soon after, happy that progress was being made because she had fussed less than last night by 7 minutes.

Up about 2:30 (4.5 hours after she fell asleep) for her feeding and she fell asleep about 3, so I held her for 20 minutes (per Dr. Sears) and then put her in with bed heated and slipped out. Waited for the fuss and there was none. Went to the bathroom and waited some more. Nothing!! Watched the baby monitir closely to make sure she was still breathing (she was). Finally figured we were good and caught some zzzz's myself. Woke up 3.5 hours later to her "chatting." Success!!

Fed again at 7 am and she fell asleep again, waited 20 minutes and into the warmed travel bed in the crib. Again, no fuss and we both got another hour and a half of rest! Sweet!!!!

All we can do is try!! But it feels like we're finally on the right track!!

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