Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 months old!!

My dearest Reese,
Yesterday you turned 2 months old!  It's so hard for me to believe that 2 months ago you were still in my belly and for the past 2 months you have been in my arms.  We've had our ups and our downs, but I think we struck gold with you because the ups far outweigh the downs!  Your progress from last month has been incredible to watch.

This morning we had your 2 month appointment with Dr. Kids and she was very impressed with your progress.  You now weigh 11 lbs and 3 oz and are 23 inches long.  That's a lot different than when you were born at 8 lbs, 1 oz and 19.75 inches.  Of course, Mommy asked lots of questions and all the answers were helpful and happy.  You had 3 shots, which you did not like at all and Mommy was almost in tears too because it was hard seeing you so unhappy.  But after they were done and you were able to nurse, you were a happy girl rather quickly again.  What else have you done in the last month?

You took your first trip to Mt. Lemmon with Daddy and Mommy for some cooler temperatures and a nice meal.  You fell fast asleep (just like Mommy likes to do) in the car with all the twists and turns.  And on the way home you met Auntie Melslaw's parents who loved you!

You got Eczema on your face (rash and bumps) that made you quite miserable for more than a couple days.  But a quick trip to Dr. Kids got a diagnosis and cure (Cetaphil cream).

You had the ultrasound on your hips because you were breech in Mommy's belly for so long and passed with flying colors but were so unhappy as they did the procedure.  Again, Mommy was very close to tears because the technician was making you so unhappy.  And thus, you tired yourself out so once we got to the car you had a nice long nap and even though you didn't know it, you went on a little shopping trip with Mommy, FOR Mommy.

We finally figured out how to breastfeed lying down in bed and we both SIMPLY love it.  We can both fall asleep and cuddle this way too.  But right now you aren't a fan of going back in your cradle after you eat in the middle of the night.  And why would you be when the other option is to cuddle with Mommy?  We're working on it.

You don't get the hiccups as much as you did in the beginning, but you still sneeze multiple times (2-6) in a row, just like Daddy, at least a couple times every day.  It's so cute!

You attended your first party (at Uncle Zach's house) for Dylan's 8th grade graduation, which was quickly followed by your 2nd part at Trainer and Mrs. Trainer's house for Lil Trainer's first birthday, and that was followed by your 3rd party at G-ma and Grandpa's house for Memorial Day. This was also your first visit to G-ma and Grandpa's house.

You love to swing in almost any swing (and now we have 3), plus a little bouncer that Mommy got from Twice as Nice when she took some stuff in that you weren't a fan of.  And we learned that most mornings you will fall asleep to the sound of the hairdryer, which we all think is funny because it wakes everyone else up.

You had your first and second visits to daycare at LC's.  You did great, Mommy was a wreck and cried and cried.  We are starting to figure out how much you are eating every day because LC used some of your frozen breast milk, so we now have a better idea of how much you get every time you eat from Mommy.  Unfortunately, I don't have a gauge on my breast to tell me!

You've had a couple rough bouts of sleeping...or lack of sleeping I should say.  We had a couple days where you just didn't want to nap and Mommy had to reach out for help, but now things are getting better.  You even slept 8.5 hours one night and surprised Mommy and Daddy!  We bought a book called The 90 minute sleep program, and have been trying it's theory out for a few days with success.  (Essentially, it says that babies need to be back to sleep 90 minutes after they wake up, and from there as they get older, their awake time increases in 90-minute increments - 3 hours, 4.5 hours, etc.)  We also learned that you don't necessarily have to be asleep to be happy in the Moby.  You are just as happy going into the Moby because it lulls you to sleep and you are close to Mommy.

You stayed with Nana and Papa while Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Kirsti, and Uncle Chad went to the class that told us about your baptism that is coming up.  And Nana and Papa had a great time with you while we were gone, and you with them.

You went to church once with just Mommy and once with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kirsti and both times you pretty much slept thru the whole thing, but everyone around us said how beautiful you were.

You still aren't a fan of Tummy Time, but you love to sit on almost anyone's lap and look out at the world around you with your eyes wide open.  You also hold your head up REALLY well and for long periods of time.  And at your appointment this morning when Dr. Kids put you on your tummy, you put your knees under you and looked like you were going to crawl away!

Mommy finally got her act together and ordered and sent out your birth announcements.  Everyone loved them and now they all have pictures of you!

You've also met a bunch of new people this month including Auntie Kirsti, Melslaw's parents, some of G-ma and Grandpa's friends and have attracted attention from anyone who sees your beautiful little face.

Mommy goes back to work part time next week and I'm sure it will be rough on us both.  But you get to go see LC 3 half days a week, and then Grandpa one day, and then G-ma one day, and I'm sure it will be fine.

I think that is most of what you did this month.  You've been a busy little girl!

Mommy and Daddy (and everyone) love you sooooooooo much!  And next month will be even busier than this month I am sure!

Love you,
Mommy (Nikus)

And here's your 2 month photo...

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