Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will the belly button pop? and the Baby Owner's Manual

Hello lovelies.  I'm gonna drop right into it. 

Our pool has been drained and refilled, and amazingly enough, it's blue water and not green!  YAY!  Our a/c blower has been fixed and we have air again!  Feels like we're finally on the road to being a calm household again.  Whew!

Now, about the belly button.  I've always had a very deep belly button.  Now, it is almost flat, maybe even has a little bump to it.  So Belly Button Watch 2012 is on!  We keep waiting for it to pop.  I've heard when it pops, that means baby is ready to make her debut!

Here's the photo of when we took out the belly button ring months ago!

And here's the photo I took this morning of my belly button. 

Do you think it will pop? Anyone want to place a bet?

I've heard of many new parents wanting a manual for how to raise baby and of course there are probably a slew of books out there but I think I actually found the Owner's Manual that should have been out there years ago.  There's even one for Mom and one for Dad.

Now it has a lot of the really important stuff in it like...
 ...changing a diaper.  The best part is that it is all in pictures with words. 

And there's fun stuff too, like.... for Dad to be good to Mom and how to give Mom a break!

They are books that I actually think we'll get some use out of.  So, there is a manual for how to raise a baby! YAY, and just in time for me!!!

Alright, time to go lay down.  Have a great day folks.

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  1. My belly button is also getting flatter. I'm sure yours will pop soon.


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