Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changes....and to miss?

Hello Bleeps!

So obviously many things have changed over the last 9 months, but here's a couple that made me giggle.

Before I was pregnant, I usually wore low-rise jeans.  Now that' I'm pregnant, the higher the waistband of my jeans is, the happier I am!

Even though I am 38 weeks pregnant, whenever someone comes at me with a camera, I still try to suck in my belly.  However, now it's not going anywhere anymore!

Things I thought I was settled on are now not so settled...for instance, daycare!

I used to fantasize about wonderful shoes to purchase...now I just fantasize about shoes that fit and finding daycare we can afford and that isn't across town.  And that my feet will go back their original size after this baby is born, so I don't have to part with my shoe collection!

I have either developed a hole in my lip with this pregnancy or I've always dropped a lot of things out of my mouth, but they've always hit the counter in the past, whereas now I'm catching them with my belly!  I'm talking food and toothpaste!

What I will miss....what I won't miss 
I will miss....
1. The attention.  After Reese is born, I have a feeling she'll be the center of attention and that's great.  But it has been nice to get random smiles in the grocery store (one lady actually complimented me on "matching" so well at this stage of the game the other day - so random) and people falling over themselves to help me whether I need it or not.

2. The baby movement in my belly.  I know J thinks it is creepy, but it really is very cool and only will happen when there is one in there!  Even when she kicks my kidneys and makes me run for the bathroom!  It's just such a special thing!

3. Having a reason to indulge my cravings.  While I've been eating pretty healthy during this pregnancy, there definitely have been moments (or weeks!) of weakness where vegetables just didn't sound good.  After Reese comes out, we'll be trying to get this baby weight off.  I even asked Dr. OB if she could do some liposuction while she was in there.  And surprisingly enough, I wasn't the first preggo to have asked her that she said!

I will not miss....
1. Going to the bathroom and 5 minutes later going again!

2. Thrusting myself out of bed because I just can't sit up.  (Turning over these days feels like a three-point turn sometimes!!)

3. My cankles - and swollen feet - hurting when I finally get out of bed.  How come when I am home, I don't get so swollen, but the minute I go to work (on the 7th floor), I swell up like a balloon?

4. Trying to get comfortable - in bed, at my desk, wherever.  I'm fine for a few minutes, but then I need to move.  Thus, sleep sometimes eludes me while I find my optimal position.

5. My Carpal tunnel!  Will not miss this in the least bit!

6. Getting tired really easily.  I know that this will continue once she's born but for a very different reason.  I can get 10 hours of sleep now, and I still wake up tired because it was a restless night of changing positions and my body working hard to make sure Reese is healthy.

7.  Burping every 20 minutes!  I am a burping machine right now!

I thought there would be more, but I'm at a loss for other things.  So this will have to do. :)


  1. Congrats on being in the home-stretch of your pregnancy. Best of luck with everything, and wonderful to read that you have 'beaten' Infertility.

  2. Hey lady! Your 3 point turn to roll over during the night is spot on and made me laugh out loud. That was my least favorite thing, both times!

    You will continue to receive attention, for being a beautiful, loving mother with a sweet baby. People (not as many) will still rush to your aid when you are bogged down with infant seat, purse, diaper bag and a St*rbucks. ;) You have soooo much fun to embark on. I cant wait for you to expierence it and for me to follow along. You are a WAAAAY better blogger than me! Enjoy these last few quiet days together as two.

  3. I can agree with a lot of what you are saying :)


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