Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daycare and update

Hi folks. I am blogging from my phone today, so please excuse any typos. First try at this.

I know its been awhile...too long. The last time was about Mother's Day. Maybe if I blog this way y'all won't have to wait so long.

So what has happened since Mother's Day?! We've been awfully busy. Reese attended her first party, followed quickly by her 2nd and 3rd parties, all this past weekend. She did great and everybody oohed-and-aawed over our little girl.

Last week we had the ultrasound on Reese's hips because she was breech in utero for so long and were told that everything is a-ok and no further testing is necessary. That day really spent us both. She had to hold each leg at a 90 degree angle for about 7 minutes separately and I was almost in tears over it seeing her so upset. Then the technician had to go get the doc and do it all over again, so another freak out...all while she was butt naked. Thankfully she didn't make a mess on the table. But then when they all left me in the room to put us back together, they walked out and shut off the light on me. How rude!! I fed her in the lobby and then we left and she passed out so I could shop for some post-preggo clothes.

Also a few weeks back, invited a woman from our Lamaze class and her new son over. We hung out for a few hours and it was nice to swap stories with someone who was really close to our schedule of events. Am seeing them again tomorrow.

Reese has eczema on her face right now, per our impromptu doc appt last Thursday. She now weighs in at 9 lbs, 14 ounces. I'd say her weight gain is just fine.

Today was so stressful for me. We found a lady, LP, who does daycare out of her home and has for 20 years. I visited the home and watched her with the kids, talked to her multiple times on the phone and just this past weekend, J and I went and interviewed her with 7 pages of typed questions. She passed with flying colors and Reese was very comfortable with her. The only hitch, she has 2 big dogs. One is old and one is young. The young one growled at J (as I guess he does at all men), but it left a bad taste in our mouths. I called LP Sunday after we had seen her Saturday, and she totally understood our concern and promised to keep a sharp eye on the dog and never let him close to Reese, but he's never had an issue with any of the kids.

Well, today was our test day. I took Reese today so I could get my hair cut and colored. I had written out instructions for LP, emergency numbers, etc. and packed the diaper bag and lots of breast milk (4 2-3 oz bags). But dropping her off was the hardest thing I think I've ever had to do. I welled up my tears at home, but managed to put on a brave face when I got to LP's. It wasn't until I tried to leave that I totally lost it and almost got LP going too. Reese was passed out, so she missed this little ordeal. Finally pulled myself out of the house and just sat in the car and cried and cried for probably 5-10 minutes. So much for my make-up. Texted J to tell him, and he understood my emotion. Got on the road and Mom called to tell me something then asked how Reese was and I lost it again. (Even as I write this I have tears rolling down my face even though we're home safe and sound now.)

Somehow I was early to my appt so I stopped at Target to get a few things, then headed back to the salon. Told my stylist the whole drama and caught her up on our lives as I watched the clock slowly tick down. Finally she was done and I scooted out of there quick to grab some lunch and race to pick up my baby. Thankfully LP texts so I had texted her a few times during my appt to get progress reports and all was well.

Got to LP's and Reese was fast asleep on LP's shoulder. Just the sight of her was enough to relieve me. I sat and ate while LP told me about everything. I had taken 4 breast milk bags, each containing 2-3 ounces, and they all got used up. I don't have a gauge on my breast when I feed her so had no clue how much she was getting. Pumping will be very interesting these next few months. Anyway, everything was hunky dory, so we got loaded up and headed for home.

She's still asleep so I was able to pump and get about 6.5 ounces from the "girls". That's huge for me!!! But I'm also always pumping after I have fed her. Turns out we ahould be a-ok I think.

So that was our rough morning. But it all turned out fine. Whew!!

Will try to keep in better contact dear Bleeps!! Have a great day!!


  1. It gets easier, I promise. Good Job Mama!

  2. That must have been such an ordeal and something I am not looking forward to.


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