Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1 Month Old

Reese turned 1 month old on the Saturday before Mother's Day - May 12th, 2012.  Mom and I had spent part of Friday inking her up and getting footprints and hand prints for a few items in the nursery that needed them.  But on Saturday, she was a month old.  I took a picture that a friend had suggested.   

Reese - 1 month old.

I received these blocks at one of my showers, and another friend had them for her daughter.  Her idea was every month to lay them out and the baby next to them to show growth.  I thought it was way cute, so I copied her.  Then another friend had given me the monthly stickers (so that is what is on Reese's onesie) that shows she is 1 month old.  I have 11 more for the rest of her first year.

Now it's time for our first letter to Reese as we celebrate her first month of life.

My dearest Reese,
It's still really hard for me to believe that a month ago, you were in my belly in the morning and in my arms in the later morning.   It was an incredibly tiring and amazing day.  We learned so much in a short time.  But the best part of my day was hearing you cry for the first time and seeing your beautiful blue eyes that I had been dreaming about for months - 9 months to be exact.  Holding you made all the waiting worth the while.

It's been quite a busy month for us both.  After you were born, we both learned what "lack of sleep" really means in the first couple days, but after that you started to figure out the difference between day and night, and even on your third night at home slept for 7 hours straight and nearly gave Mommy and Daddy a heart attack when we realized you hadn't fed for a long time.  

We battled with your weight gain, something I never thought you would have to worry about as Mommy has battled with weight loss her entire life.  But we finally got you where the doctors were happy with your weight and could start easing you off the formula.  However, you still get a little bit here and there when you are really hungry.  

We waited and waited and waited for Mommy's milk to come in, and finally it did and things started to settle down.  And we both figured out how to breastfeed.

You met A LOT of people, starting with your grandparents, a great grandma, and many "aunts, uncles and cousins" that you will know as you grow up.  

You had your first car ride home from the hospital, followed by your second car ride the very next day to your first pediatrician's appointment (where you peed all over the table!).  

You met our dogs, Sierra and Blazer, who you have heard for a long time in utero.  You also met kitty, and began having long conversations with her where you would cry and then she would cry and then you would cry and then she would cry.  It entertained us all and she became one of your biggest protectors.  

You slept in your cradle for the first time that Daddy slept in as a baby and Papa remade for you.  

You had your first bath after your umbilical cord fell off, followed by many more.  And you loved them all!  You are truly Mommy's water baby.

Mommy stuck her tongue out at you and you mimicked her.

You went on your first ride in the stroller while Mommy and G-ma walked, quickly followed by your second ride while Daddy and Mommy walked. 

You went to Nana and Papa's new house, and then to lunch at a restaurant (where you slept the entire time) and then on a shopping trip for Daddy.  And then you went on another shopping trip just with Mommy for you!

You went to Mommy's office to see everyone and see where Mommy works.

And you fell asleep on Mommy so many times, and every time, Mommy couldn't stand to put you down so she just laid there with you, even if she was hungry or had to go to the bathroom.  It all waited until you woke up.

And you had your picture taken A LOT! I mean, A LOT!  Two professional photo shoots and countless others with everyones camera or cell phone.  

And you were declared gorgeous by all that saw you.

Thank you Reese for a wonderful first month of your life.  We've got a long journey ahead of us, and I can't wait for each of them to come.

I love you my Reeses.

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  1. Aw, so sweet and so adorable. Congrats Mama!


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