Friday, February 17, 2012

Dr. OB visit and #2 Childbirth class

Okay, here's our continuation from yesterday....

This week has been crazy busy.  Tuesday morning I had a Dr. OB appt.  Both Nurse Shari and Dr. OB were happy to see that I was actually down 1 lb.  Still need to watch my salt intake, but at least we're not growing so fast anymore especially as we get to month #8.  A few questions for Dr. OB, mostly about symptoms which she chalked most up to just being pregnant or sodium intake.  I asked about what to look for in a pediatrician, even though I am fully confident about who ours will be and we go see her next week.  Advice as far as what to ask folks?  Also, we have yet another ultrasound on February 28th to monitor the cyst in Reese's non-thinking part of the brain.  Dr. OB said it's nothing to be worried about, they just want to see if it gets bigger or smaller, but when I asked which had happened, they hadn't even measured.  So on the 28th, will specifically ask them to measure!  

Then, Tuesday night was our 2nd childbirth class.  We were down from 5 couples to 3, don't know what that's about.  Hopefully everyone is okay.  More back-rubs (always nice, especially because Tuesday was Valentine's Day) - side note, this is what I came home to on Monday night...
Very nice...J got a new wedding band over the weekend as both our V-day present because his old one doesn't fit anymore...he weighed a whopping 130 when we got married, and now he is up to 165!  Apparently, marriage agrees with him.  Anyway, it was bugging me that he wasn't wearing his ring, so we went shopping for that as both our presents.

But I digress....our romantic Valentine's evening consisted of class and Nico's.  (Fast food Mexican food...not the healthiest, but I needed something quick!)  Class was good...ok, that's where I was...back rubs, breathing again, and positions to get through the labor with.  Saw another video more focused on the long labor than the birth itself.  I really think these classes help J understand what our next step consists of.

Other than that, nothing super exciting.  Wednesday night, we had our first HOA meeting in the new neighborhood.  It was nice to get to know some neighbors a bit better and get some contact info.  We have one neighbor a few houses down who has a 10 year old, so I picked her brain a bit about childcare and she said she would ask friends of hers with little ones.  Hopefully, we'll get this figured out soon!  But it was nice to connect with her again and we'll hopefully get to know her better soon.  We didn't get home until 9 pm!

One thing I am noticing as I get more round is how nice people are to pregnant ladies.  In Vegas, everyone was very concerned about me.  "Do you need to sit?"  "Do you need water?"  When we came back and I was waiting for Mom to come pick me up from the airport (she had gone to get the car), a gentleman popped out of nowhere to put my suitcase in her car so I wouldn't have to pick it up.  More and more people open doors for me.  Apparently now, I'm very cute!  I ate dinner at Sauce (a pizza and salad place - I had a salad!) on Wednesday before the HOA meeting and this woman and her 3 kids sat down next to me and was so excited to ask me about my pregnancy and her kids were intrigued too.  I am feeling very loved!

And with that, I'm off to find some dinner! Later Bleeps!

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  1. Haha, I loved all the pampering I got when I was pregnant. And I'll tell you a secret--they do it when you're a new mom too! Enjoy it while it lasts :)


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