Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Shower numero dos!

Holy Schmoly Batman...did we have a party yesterday! 

Oh sorry...hello Bleeps!  Yesterday was my 2nd shower thrown by Mama K and it was spectacular!  Truly amazing.  Here's a few quick pics...

 This is the sign in table where guests signed my pregnancy scrapbook that I've been working on, wrote their name and address on an envelope (so I don't have to for thank yous!) and guessed the circumference of my waist (what waist?!).

 Homemade diaper cake made by Mama K, that was later used in a game.

The table where everyone made onesies for Baby Girl.

How can I summarize what happened yesterday?  I went to Mama's K's Dad's house where the party was to be.  It was all decorated already and I was not the first to arrive.  BFF from Phx was there, as well as her Mom, and another college friend who drove down from Phoenix.  And then the floodgates opened and more and more people started to show.  

Since the party was at 2 pm, Mama K had done a make-it-yourself nacho bar (because I love nachos!) and it was so yummy!!!  So everyone ate, signed everything, made onesies and finally it was time for a few games and presents.  The first game was the outcome of guessing my waist measurement.  I don't think I'll ever let that be done in a room full of people, but it was okay yesterday.  And Melslaw was the big winner guessing 46"!  Holy cow!  The next came came the diaper cake.  It was shown around the room for about 5 minutes and then it left and everyone had 3 minutes to write down as many items as they could remember seeing on it.  There were 17 kinds of items on the cake, including the diapers, and 2 people got 16 right - MBM and Super-Mom.  So the tie-breaker question was "Nikus was born on a special day in her parents' lives, what was it?"  Both knew the correct answer, but Super-Mom was quicker to get her hand up and answer.  (BTW - the answer was that I was born on their anniversary.)

The last game was a word scramble to reveal Baby Girl's name.  There were quite a few people who knew the name already, so they were excluded.  The ladies split into teams of 3 or 4 and were given baggies of letters and a sheet with lines for the answers.  They had to figure out the name from that and it went rather quickly and people really liked the name.  Now, will I share it with you Bleeps?  Sure...why not...the rest of the world knows!

(I've always liked the name Reese and Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and I believe a good role model.  Josephine was Jason's grandmother's name and coincidentally my Grandfather's middle name, so pays homage to both sides of the family.  If you don't like it, don't tell me because that is what we are naming her!)

Before I move on to presents, here's a few of the onesies that were decorated.  

 This is on the booty.

The one that is my favorite is the one that says "Sorry Ladies, my Dad is taken!" courtesy of Super-Mom.

Then it was time for presents and while I'd love to show pictures of everything we is a pic of the nursery after all the presents were put in there...
 I have some work to do apparently!

So here's just a few....
These are swimsuits!  OMG...are they not ridiculously cute?!  She will be the diva of the pool for sure!

 Here we have (left to right) a blanket made by Melslaw, a blanket made by Schelle, a Christmas stocking made by Super-Mom, a sheep that is a stuffed animal/pillow/blanket and a lady bug that displays the stars on the ceiling of Reese's room.
This was made by Meg's sister-in-law who does this as a business ( Obviously, she knew the name ahead of time.  

And those were only SOME of what we got!  Awesome!  I came home very tired, feeling very loved and so appreciative of all the people who came to the shower.  And now there are a BUNCH of thank you's to write out.

I guess that's all about the shower.  I'm off to pay some bills before it is time for the SuperBowl party.  Have a wonderful week folks, I know I will! 

And thanks again (I think I'll be thanking you all forever) to everyone who came to the shower, sent gifts for me because they couldn't come, and who has just been any kind of support at all through this process.  It has been appreciated and noted!


  1. I ADORE her name!!!! And it sounds like an amazing party!

    You are so blessed.

  2. It was a beautiful shower for a beautiful mom to be!! I had so much fun!!! Sorry I had to leave when the Tuckman got fussy, but we both had a blast.

    And, you forgot a game... gift bingo, which yours truly won! Woo hoo!

    OMG, here's what a doof I am. I just "pieced" it together this morning, the Reese's pieces you were serving at the shower... duh! So cute!!

  3. Hey Beautiful! I loved reading this, and seeing the photos! Not as good as being there, but at least I feel like I go to experience a part of it. ♥

    I love her name! So beautiful! ♥

    I have been collecting a few things for Reese, and can't wait to come for a visit and meet her (don't worry, not right away...we'll coordinate)!! ♥

    You got quite the pile of loot! I love it! =)

    Love you Niki! And Reese! ♥ (Oh, and hugs to Jason too.) ;o)


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