Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, today was entertaining, to say the least...

Feel lucky, you get two posts in two days!  Holy cow what has become of me?!

To what do we owe this occurrence you ask? A little bit of a scare.  (Before I go any further and get your blood pumping like I got way too many people's today, let me say that baby and I are both fine and we were all day long.)  But this morning was less desirable than usual.

Woke up before the alarm and headed to the gym.  I had taken Friday off due to being really tired and just not feeling up to it.  Everyone says, "listen to your body" so I did just that.  Had a fine workout, nothing more intense than usual and was even done a little early.  Popped into the shower and as I was getting out I started to have some pain in my chest (literally, between my boobs).  I said to myself, "I wonder if this is what heartburn feels like."  Seeing as I was in a towel and my cell phone was in my car, there wasn't much I could do at the time, so I opted to sit for a few minutes and try and lotion up.  The pain started to get worse and I found that leaning over was harder and now it wasn't just my chest hurting, but the upper part of my ever-growing belly.  I tried to hurry through my dressing routine....clothes, make-up and drying my hair.  I ventured to the restroom wondering if that would alleviate some of the pain and nothing helped.  So as I was exiting the locker room I knew I was heading straight for my phone to call Dr. OB's office, knowing they didn't open  until 9 am which was about 15 minutes in the future.

Got her answering service and they couldn't seem to hear me or I them.  On the 4th phone call, I finally got someone who wasn't the gentlest soul.  She informed me that the office didn't open for another 10 minutes and she could connect me with the hospital, at which point I said, "I don't care who I talk to but I need someone, I am in extreme pain!"  A minute later, Dr. OB's receptionist Annie picks up and immediately transfers me to Nurse Shari who asks what I'm feeling.  I tell her that from about my belly button up to my chest is hurting and it hurts to breathe.  She asks if I have shortness of breath or can't breathe.  I tell her no a couple times, just that it hurts and then I start to cry.  My panic has set in and I'm starting to think something is really wrong.  She tries to calm me down and says to come in and doc will see me when she gets there about 9:15 or 9:30 (It's now about 9 am). 

I hang up with Shari, and call my office to tell them I won't be in on time, and again the tears come.  I try to call J, but his phone goes to voicemail, so I send him a text saying, "in extreme pain in belly and chest, going to doc's now."  Surprise, surprise, that provokes a phone call from him wanting to know if I need him to come and who is driving me.  At that point, I was driving, so he wasn't happy to hear that, but also understood that I just needed to get to the doc's.  MBM called at some point too to see if I wanted her to come because she was that much closer than J was and had heard the news at the office.  I told her no too, again through tears.  (Now here's something that is kind of odd, after I had called the office, I got 4-6 phone calls back saying they were my office, but the people on the phone obviously weren't.  Phone issues apparently, but having just told J I would stay off the phone while driving, I was getting a little perturbed.) 

Got to Dr. OB's office and knowing she wasn't there yet, sat in the car trying to get my composure.  I don't think I have to say what was running through my head at this point, do I?  Phone rang again and this time it was my Mom freaked out about what the office had told her, she too offered to come meet me, and I said no yet again through tears. Still having pain, but less so.  Finally, no more calls and sitting in the doc's office, not moving, started to feel a bit better.  Nurse Shari called me in and weighed me, blood pressure-d me, etc.  Then into the room.

A few minutes later, Dr. OB walks in and asks what is going on.  I tell her where my pain is and immediately she is looking for baby and the heartbeat, which she finds quickly.  (I had felt baby girl move in the waiting room so that helped calm me down a bit).  She's telling me what she thinks it is after I explain my morning - what I did for workout, what I ate, etc.'s gas and heartburn mixed together.  And because my internal organs are moved around because there's a baby inside, it feels like I'm having a heart attack.  She wasn't happy about me only eating an apple on my way to the gym (like I do every morning) and wants more protein in my diet and less carbs.  She said my weight gain is okay, but it's getting more towards the heavier side and she doesn't like that. Then she looked at my shoes and again wasn't pleased with the heeled boots I had chosen saying that puts more strain on my back and balance, even though for 90% of the day I am sitting. 

So the verdict: 1) take a Zantac every morning and night to help with heartburn, 2) eat less carbs to help with the gas and heartburn and hopefully not up my weight so much, 3) no more heels, 4) eat more than just an apple on the way to the gym and try to work more protein into my diet, and 5) take the day to rest and recover.

Left the doc's and called J to give him the verdict, called my Mom to assure her that baby and I were fine, and then headed for Walgreens to stock up on Zantac and protein bars.  Came home and was absolutely exhausted.  So after some eggs and toast (sorry, I needed it!) and taking a gaz-x and Zantac, I headed to bed for a nap.  Woke up about an hour later, worked a bit and then off to find what can I eat?!  Oy, this will be challenging.   Finally, rested a bit more on the couch and tried the doc's office again which was busy for 30 minutes (that never happens - what is up with phones today?!).  Finally got thru and told Annie that I was still really sore and how long should I expect this to continue. Nurse Shari called me back and said it could last 24 hours and to take Tylenol if need be for the pain...I was just really sore.  So did that.

Am finally feeling a little bit better, but am now scared to eat almost anything!  Managed soup for lunch and a protein bar this afternoon.  Emailed Trainer with what was going on and for some tips since he is the nutrition guru, and got some answers there.  But oy, what a day this has been.  Please let this be the last one like this.

I'll post about our 23 week progress tomorrow, if I have the energy.  Love!


  1. Scary! Glad it was nothing major. Take it easy dearie. Happy holidays.

  2. Niki - how awful... are you ok? Hope you are taking it easy and looking after yourself. Lots of love, H


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