Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Of belly rings and other things...

I'm sorry I am slacking Bleeps, it's a busy time with the holidays, and showers coming up.  A couple little things and the 21 week update may have to wait for another day - we'll see!

Had my monthly check-up today with Dr. OB and she says everything is fine.  Asked about the cyst in baby girl's brain and she said it was nothing to fret over, however we would do another ultrasound in about 8 weeks to see if it has disappeared or what-not, so that's just another chance to see baby girl!  Otherwise, heartbeat was good, my weight was good (although I thought it wasn't gonna be, but I'll get to that), and everything else was normal.  YAY!

J really wanted me to ask about my belly button ring and if it should come out.  Yes, I was that generation in college that got pierced.  Some opted for noses and tongues, but I went with the belly button.  Anyway, that was 12, yes 12, years ago and I still have my ring.  I've thought about taking it out a few times but never really had a reason.  I'm kind of attached to it, literally speaking, and it's not hurting anything.  Well, Dr. OB said that it could tear the skin as my belly gets bigger, so out she comes.  I was surprisingly sad about this revelation.  Really sad in fact.  I texted J with the answer (since he couldn't go to the appointment) and I think even though he was jumping for joy, I will miss my ring.  So I had him take this picture to commemorate my ring, because right not it's down right adorable (to me anyway) on a preggo belly.

I promised him I would take the ring out after he took the pic, and both will get put in the pregnancy scrap book that BFF in Phx gave me months ago.  She understood my pain, as she got one too when we were in college, and she had to take it out earlier this year per doc's orders for something else!  Boo....booo.....booooo!  I doubt it will go back in after baby girl is born...so there goes my youth I guess!  I'll get over it, but I'm still very upset that I can't keep it!  However, upon trying to take it out, I couldn't get it to unscrew, so will have to have a piercer take it out after work tomorrow.

So the weight thing.  Dr. OB told me last time that I was up too high and to weigh myself every week.  Well, seeing as my toes are quickly slipping away, I haven't been weekly, but did right before Thanksgiving and I was up just about 2 lbs, which was perfect for my gaining 1 lb a week per doc's orders.  Then my birthday happened.  And then Thanksgiving happened.  And now we're smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season.  So when I got on the scale on Monday, in anticipation of today's visit, I was shocked to see I was up another 5 lbs!  This cannot be true!  So I fretted all day yesterday about the lecture I would receive at the doc's this morning.  Well, just in case something crazy was happening, I got on the scale this morning only to be surprised that I was suddenly down 2 lbs!  YAY!  That means I'm okay.  And Dr. OB said I was too!  Whew! 

I feel like I am gaining weight, but the only place I really see it is my belly and boobs.  Call me crazy, but I think my legs, arms and butt, are staying the same.  Most people that see me tell me I am "small" for this stage of the game.  And last week a lady I have begun to see more and more at the gym and I were talking and she said that she didn't even KNOW I was pregnant.  I retorted back, "I think - rather hope - if you had seen me before, you would be noticing a change now.  I used to not be able to see my belly button when I looked down my front, and now I can!"  Maybe that's why I am so attached to my ring right now, I can see it more often!!!  Before I could only see it in the mirror because my belly was relatively flat!

I have found possibly the greatest invention known to man!  It's called a pregnancy pillow and it rocks!  It's this crazy candy-cane-with-a-tail shaped thing.  But it is awesome.  I've always slept on my side or belly, and now obviously belly is getting less and less comfortable, I'd need multiple pillows just lay my head down.  So you can sleep on your side and it can support your belly, or go between your legs, or help you sit up a bit on your back.  And for later you can fold it so you can nurse.  It simply rocks!  I think I am not getting up as much at night because of it.  It might even be helping me not pee in the middle of the night so much...no waking up, no having to go to the bathroom!  WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!

Belly rubbing has begun.  Not only do friends kind of lunge for my belly, but other people are noticing it now too.  I have yet to have the random person come up and rub it, thankfully.  Have had people I kind of know ask to touch it, which I don't mind at all.  I think it's sweet.  And now I am amazed at the wonder of it all, but I totally had that when I wasn't pregnant.  And still do.  I rub my belly all the time.  Sometimes because it just plain itches, but sometimes just because it is there!

Then there is J.  He has slowly come to do the belly rubs.  It used to only be occasionally when I was still laying in bed and he was leaving, but now it's a regular thing.  And the other night we went to a humorous musical show (The Gaslight Theater for you Tucson-ans) and he was all up-in-my-grill!  He was rubbing it like crazy!  I think since we have determined the baby's sex, he is more prone to be hands on and protective.  It was very sweet and I loved every minute of it!  I can tell he is very excited about this whole thing!  And the night we went to Gaslight, my wedding ring absolutely refused to fit, but Monday morning (2 days later) it fit just fine.  So apparently was just a little bloated last weekend!

Okay, I guess I haven't rambled on too much so there's room for my Week 21 update.  Here goes...

Your Baby in Week 21 of Pregnancy

How big is your baby? About the size of a large banana — and speaking of bananas, if you eat one this week, there's a good chance your baby will get a taste, too. That's because he swallows a bit of amniotic fluid each day (for nutrition, hydration, and to practice digesting), so he eats whatever's on your menu — and gets to put those developing taste buds to good use. So go ahead and nosh on those nachos (or crunch those crudités): Your baby may develop a taste for them when he’s older.

Your Body in Week 21 of Pregnancy

You may start to notice some stretch marks as your body expands and your belly and breasts just keep on growing. These pink, red, or purple streaks appear when the supporting tissue under your skin gets torn as skin stretches (and stretches and stretches) during pregnancy. Not every woman gets them, though you're a likely candidate if your mom had stretch marks during her pregnancy or if you've gained weight rapidly. So go ahead and slather the cocoa butter — at least it’ll keep your skin from drying out, even if it won’t keep those marks at bay.

Week 21 Pregnancy Tip: Anxiety

No, that's not the beach ball you lost last summer — there's really a baby in there! Now that you're starting to look pregnant (and not just like you were spending too much time with the Ben & Jerry's) and those kicks can no longer be mistaken for gas, the reality of pregnancy is probably beginning to sink in. And with it, you may find, a few ambivalent feelings you're even ambivalent about admitting. Don't worry — and hang on. At some point in pregnancy (and usually once that pregnancy becomes a very visible reality) just about every expectant mother (and father!) begins to feel anxiety and fear as though she's on a runaway train — with enormous changes coming round the bend. And not only is it completely normal to feel anxious — it's especially healthy to acknowledge it. Talk your feelings over with your friends who've had babies — they’ll reassure you that they experienced the same kind of anxiety. (Me a mom? There must be some mistake!) Most important, discuss your fears with your partner, who's probably just as in need of a good heart-to-heart.

Week 21 Pregnancy Symptoms

Fetal movement: By now you may be able to feel your baby twisting, turning, and kicking in the womb (though many new expectant moms mistake the feeling for gas). Enjoy these first gentle love taps — soon enough your growing baby’s kicks will get more aggressive.
Hearty appetite: Are you always in the mood to eat? Carry healthy snacks with you (such as nuts, raisins, trail mix, or granola bars) so that you’ll have nutritious fuel to keep you and your baby-to-be nourished even when you’re on the go.
Flatulence: The increasing pressure your uterus is placing on your rectum can mean that you’re having a hard time containing yourself (your gas, that is). Drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich foods to avoid becoming constipated, which can make gassiness worse.
Varicose veins: The extra blood volume and weight you’re carrying around can put pressure on your circulatory system and lead to the swollen blood vessels called varicose veins. Do your best to keep your weight gain to a healthy minimum to avoid putting undue stress on your circulatory system.
Backaches: Not only is your center of gravity shifting and putting extra strain on your back, but the hormone relaxin is also causing your ligaments and joints to stretch and loosen, which means additional achiness in your back. If you can, splurge for a prenatal massage from a trained professional.
Bleeding gums: If your inflamed, bleeding gums are turning your toothbrush pink, avoid eating sticky candies, especially when you can’t brush afterward. The sweet stuff increases bacteria in your mouth and further irritates your gums.
Skin, hair, and nail changes: Have you noticed that your hair and nails are growing at record speed? Pregnancy hormones are partly the cause — as is the increased circulation in your body, bringing extra nutrients to your hair and nails (and to your baby, of course).

Now for my update:
Body Temperature - I am always warm, or really cold!  Literally walked into the doc's office today in a tank top (I had a sweater for outside) but in the office I was immediately burning up!  I have my own little furnace it seems.  Even Dr. OB was surprised!  But baby girl keeps me warm! 
Appetite - I was really worried about the weight this morning and glad doc said I was fine.  Had mentioned to Trainer that I eat and then can be immediately hungry again and I said I don't know what to do about it, so he said, "EAT!"  But now that doc is okay with weight, I'm not so nervous.  Although the half pie left over from Thanksgiving needs to be tossed. 
Workouts - still getting to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and doing well.  Trainer keeps trying to up my weight on things, but I'm naturally adding my own extra weight as I grow, so weight upping is not okay.  Ran through my whole workout with Dr. OB today and she said it was all great and I could do most anything that I felt okay doing.
Tiredness - overall I am not super tired, however when I get tired, I get tired F-A-S-T!  I mean sitting up chatting one minute and ready to pass out the next.  So have learned more and more to listen to my body.

And on a final note, most of you know how I love Guiliana Rancic for speaking out about infertility.  She had very sad news a few months back when she announced that she had breast cancer.  Well, Mama K alerted me to an announcement she made on the Today Show yesterday that was very sad, but hopeful.  She is going to get a double mastectomy in the next few weeks which will hopefully get all the cancer and help her get back to trying to get pregnant.  I watched BFF in Phx's Mom go through that and it ain't easy.  But Mom persevered and kicked Cancer's ass and I have every faith that Guiliana will too.  But please put it out in the universe to help this wonderful lady!

Alright folks, I'm out!


  1. I was just getting to the point of missing you and wondering where you were in my inbox! Good to hear that you are doing well, sorry about the belly ring... :(
    I have put on a bit of weight at this early stage but I'm actually glad about that, since I did have a problem of going too skinny.
    That pillow sounds awesome. I want one of those.
    I also heard about Guilana and was so sad. I am also sending prayers and good thoughts out to her.

  2. Hi Nikus,WOW,I feel SO BLESSED to have found such a WONDERFUL blog like yours and I HOPE that what I say in the rest of my comment won't be embarrassing and/or offensive to you.First of all,I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the above photo of your pregnant belly!!! If ever there was a PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly,yours has to be it!
    Now let me tell you what to me makes it so perfectly beautiful.In addition to its large size and great shape,you have that little something extra that few other pregnant bellies possess.This may sound weird to you Nikus,but that little something extra I'm speaking of is none other than your bellybutton and ring!!!
    Sure a lot of pregnant women have bellybutton rings,but none are TOTALLY AWESOME looking like yours is! You truly do have the most BEAUTIFULLY shaped innie bellybutton I've ever seen and I LOVE the way your ring sits in the hole.At first I didn't realize just how APPEALING it was until I clicked onto the image and enlarged it.
    I'm so sorry that you had to take it out because I know how much you miss it from what you said.Like you,I also think that it's downright ADORABLE on a preggo belly!!! You said that you're bellybutton may pop and become an outie and I wondered if that ever happened.Hey,if it did that's WONDERFUL because to me outie bellybuttons on pregnant bellies are just as APPEALING and PLEASING TO LOOK AT as innies.Last but not least,I want to say THANK YOU Nikus for sharing such a personal part of yourself with all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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