Thursday, December 22, 2011

The first stranger

Ever since I got pregnant, I have wanted to "look" pregnant and not fat.  I've never been able to see my belly button by just looking down my front, but now I can.  Not only that, at some point I believe I'll be able to see the inside of my belly button because it is slowly beginning to become less of a cavern.  Yes, my belly reaches out further than my breasts...something I always wished for but wasn't sure I would achieve thru pregnancy.  Obviously, our prayers have been answered.  All of our friends and family know (and if they didn't before now, it was said yet again in this year's Christmas card), but I always wonder what strangers think when they see me.  I've always been told you are never supposed to ask a woman when she is due unless you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE they are pregnant.  And I think there is a point where it's obviously a baby and not just not watching your caloric intake for everyone.

Well, I think I've hit it.  (silent yay and jumping up and down, or at least slightly bouncing as to not jostle Baby Girl).  I went to the post office on Tuesday to mail out the final packages, however didn't have the right boxes at home to mail the ornaments I had made.  So walked into the line at the post office with printed address labels, printed return labels and wrapped presents, ready to box up while I waited in the line I knew would be there.  However, there weren't boxes.  As I got closer to the front I finally had the opportunity to ask one of the desk clerks for more of the size boxes I needed and got them as I was the first person in line.  The elderly gentleman behind me was kind enough to hold them closed so I could tape them with the provided packing tape.  We finished in perfect time and even enough time for him to say, "You gonna make it to Christmas?"  It took me a second to think about what he was asking and as I saw him sideways glance at my belly, I said, "I surely hope so!  This baby isn't due until April!"  He smiled and laughed a bit.  And then I was called up to send my packages.

It was quite funny and not at all upsetting, until my Mother remarked upon hearing the story that I've said everyone says I am small and now this man thinks I'm gonna pop any day.  I replied that the people that say I am small are young and have seen more preggos than this man may have!  Silly G-ma!  I still say I am small...despite the fact that the doc says to watch my weight gain.  I swear that I carry my weight differently than others.  When I have said my weight to peeps in the past, they don't believe me!  They think it is less!  (yay!) 

Another little funny...I worked at home on Tuesday and J came into my home office when he got home.  He was looking at the pictures I have hanging up, and there was one from a few years back when we went to Denver to visit Schelle and we visited the Coors Brewery.  He said, "you look really different in this photo!"  I said, "you mean not pregnant?!"  He laughed and said, "yeah, exactly."  He went on to explain that he sees the progression and forgets what I look like in the past, so it's weird to see the photos.  The same evening when I went to say goodnight to him (because he was working in the garage), he put his hands on my belly and said, "guess there's no denying it now huh?!"  He's a funny man!

Okay folks, your Christmas present was 3 posts in one week, but there probably won't be anymore before Christmas.  I hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever you celebrate and will catch you on the flip side I'm sure with stories from our Christmas adventures with both sets of Grandparents-to-be!

And if I haven't said it for a while, let me reiterate that I appreciate all of you taking this journey with me and helping me when times are tough!  I probably don't say it enough, but this really has made a difference in this whole process!  Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


  1. What a nice post! Happy Holidays! just think, how different it will be next year! Whoohoo.

  2. Hey Niki, reading your blog is cool for us too.. stop by my blog too sometime, hey!!
    By the way I had someone early in my pregnancy "out" me - at my fave grocery store down the road. It could have been the dress I was wearing though, it kind of really showed my middle..


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