Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scratching and Stretching and Shopping

Hello friends...I know I've been a bit absent this week and it's only because we've been really busy.  We are now in trimester #2 (I have to remind myself of that lately!) and are really feeling like this will all work out.  As the title suggests, I've been itchy which leads to scratching.  I put a lot of lotion on my belly to hopefully help with stretch marks, and everywhere else, but I'm still itchy, belly, boobs, everything!  The other thing I am noticing is a stretching in my belly...I just feel like my abdomen is constantly being stretched, but I'm sitting still.  (To understand this effect, reach one of your arms across your body and stretch your tricep...that's how my belly feels 24/7 these days.)  

And lastly, J and I had our first baby shopping excursion.  We are starting on the nursery and somewhere I read that ordering furniture can sometimes take 10-12 weeks to receive.  So yesterday that's what we did.  I had searched to see things I liked, then printed them out so we had pricing.  We definitely want a crib that converts to a toddler bed and a full size bed, usually a little more money but will be around for a nice long time.  I asked my Facebook Mommies where to go and they responded in spades with many ideas, most of which we hit yesterday.  Babies R Us seemed to be the best place and not as expensive as we thought it might be.  Found a set we liked, although not the right color.  One of the suggestions on FB was to find the set you liked, then look for it on where sometimes the options are more diverse as far as colors, cheaper and usually free shipping.  So that's the next step.  I took pictures of the set we like, the name, the cost, etc. and now the research will begin.  J was a trooper, and at the end I think he cared more than I did.  I was just done! 

And I am very sad to say that after visiting 7 stores and walking around not a crazy amount, I am a bit sore today.  Just my calves are a little tender, but compared to what I used to put my body through and not get sore, this is not okay.  Which only means one thing, I need to get back to the gym and get back to where I was...maybe not weight wise with the baby coming, but at least where I can walk around and not get tired.  It is time.  My goal is at least twice this week, if not 3 times and then all 5 days next week.  Will keep you posted...have really loved sleeping in those extra 2 hours, but need to get used to less sleep and more being in shape!

In other news, I was able to sell my 2nd fertility binder to a lovely woman named Vonda ( and according to the review below she loved it.  I couldn't help but share it with you! 
From Vonda: I stumbled upon this blog last year sometime and I’ve been reading it ever since! Of course I am talking about I feel like I know Niki, maybe its because I feel like she writes like she knows me! Anyways, in her blog writing she’s talked about the binder she uses to keep herself organized. Now don’t get me wrong, I am actually a pretty organized mom, if for any other reason I have a couple of boys that are extremely involved and it’s my job to get them where they need to be when they need to be there!

But me myself, not so organized… I wait til the last minute for everything if its just about me… I guess it’s the nature of taking care of others first! So like I said I have a busy crazy life with my hubby and boys… the only thing missing is a sweet baby girl. A couple of years ago I finally convinced my husband to let us try one more time for another baby. The problem is that I had my tubes tied after my little guy and so we knew it was going to be an ordeal. I wont bore you with the details, I will just tell you its been a messy adventure… We now know that our only safe option is IVF. After we learned that, I remembered Niki’s binder and decided I probably needed to be a whole lot more organized…

Niki was awesome to work with and had my binder to me in no time. We are moving forward with our treatments soon and I already feel relieved just having the last 2 years documented nice and neat! She customized my binder for me, I picked the fabric, what years I wanted represented and she even put an extra tab for in there for ‘baby year 1’. She thought of everything, all the information I could ever need is now at my fingertips. She personalized my binder in every way, one of my favorites though is the personal note in the front of the binder and the very sweet handwritten thank you card. Thanks Niki for helping this girl organize her steps to realizing her baby dreams. I love that you took your idea and made it available for other women who need simplicity in what can a difficult time!

Binders are still for sale and there are more than just infertility...well, presently just infertility and baby, but if I start to get more interest, maybe more will be birthed!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend folks and week 15 updates are coming soon about the baby!


  1. Hey lady! So glad you are doing well. Those all sound like great symptoms. Means your preggo! lololol!

    Seriously though, I was very itchy esp at the end when my skin was stretched to the max and baby was still growing. I would wake up scratching. Sarna Lotion is a godsend. It has menthol or something in it and it feels amazing - the scent is not off putting like Bengay. Target has it and so does Walgreens.

    Staying in shape is wonderful and you should but don't rule out that sleep. You will get used to lack of sleep soon enough. No need to push it. As you progress you wont be able to sleep soundly anyway. Between the bathroom and just not being comfortable. That's what prepares you to be woken up in the night. Besides when it is such a privilege to get up and care for a little bundle, you don't mind. You may be tired but you don't care. :) At least I didn't. I only feel it now when he has long spurts of sleeping through the night and then decides not to - then its just cruel!

  2. Ooo shopping is exciting and I'm glad you're looking for what you want in an inexpensive way.
    And congrats on the binder sale. Looks like you gave her the same royal treatment as me!


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