Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let the weight loss begin...are you listening Mr. Scale?

I already mentioned the weight loss challenge...or as we call it the "Lose Your Belly but Win The Money Weight Loss Challenge."  If you haven't read the other post, I will give you a quick idea of how the challenge works.  Essentially, everyone put in $20 and sent me their weight on Tuesday for the start.  This coming Tuesday, they'll all email me their weight and I'll determine the % of weight loss based on their beginning weight, including my own.  Then, at the end of the month, whoever has lost the most percentage of their own weight, wins the $160 in the jar! 
This photo was sent out for inspiration!

Then, I also enrolled in what is called the Elite Performer 2010 at my gym.  Yesterday, I started with my baseline performance.  I met with Trainer and he weighed me (yuck - sorry, not sharing that!), then took my fat percentage (double yuck - and again, not sharing), then we started the tests.  

First up, 1 minute of push-ups, however many I could do.  Thankfully, I got to do girl push-ups (on my knees).  I did 37!  Not bad.  

Then, we did leg presses of my body weight - oy!  Essentially, it is a squat but laying on a machine on your back.  How many you could do in 2 minutes of own body weight.  I got to 33.  Hopefully, this one will get better when I lose weight because I'll have to lift less.

Next was plank.  That is, how long you can hold plank.  Plank position is essentially push-up position but on your elbows and without going down.  See below.  You need to keep your body in a line, not letting your head dip or your butt pop up.  It sounds easy, but I assure you it isn't.  I did 1 min 46 seconds - again, not bad.
Then was Sit and Reach, which tests flexibility.  You put your feet against a step, and reach as far as you can on the yard stick in front of you.  I got to 18".

Lastly, the treadmill.  He put me on the treadmill and I had 15 minutes to get as far as I could at 3% incline.  I could walk, run, skip, whatever.  I started walking at a pretty brisk pace and then about minute 7 started to jog.  I tried for a couple minutes, then backed back down to my brisk walk.  Then again at minute 10, I started to jog again a bit faster.  Trainer joined me again and was telling me I was doing good.  I kept telling myself, "just one more minute of running" and soon minute 10 turned to minute 14.  I couldn't very well stop then, so I quickened the pace a bit and really ran for the last minute.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I only got 1.05 miles, but I ran.  So I was proud of me.  

Now, I have 3 months left to my own devices.  In November, right before big nasty (aka CFP), I'll test again on the same things and see how I improved. Then, based on a bunch of factors and the other players, and my improvements, we'll see if I win the trophy and small cash prize!  Here's hoping!

I also had him do my measurements, even though that isn't part of the challenge, just for my own sake.  I am going to try incorporating the running into my workouts at the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  At Boot Camp on Tuesday and Thursdays, I'll work on the running too whenever Meanie Christinie (formerly Sweet Christine - but the name was brought up on Thursday, and no one liked that she was "Sweet" - which I meant as a joke because she works our butts off at Boot Camp! - so she told us that another class of hers called her Meanie Christinie and we agreed that worked better - and she's okay with it!).  She also likes push-ups, plank and squats, so I am sure I'll get beaten there too with those.  Probably will try to work them in on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays as well.  

I really feel like I am in a place to do this right now because of both challenges.  I have my friends helping me in the Weight Loss Challenge and Trainer and Meanie Christinie helping me a long for Elite Performer.  So today, motivation is flowing well.  We have some vacations coming up, so will have to be careful there, but I am hopeful that the motivation will stick around.  I have been really good this week with my eating and being careful to record everything on  I have noticed that I feel better and I think have lost a little bit of weight.  Let's hope Mr. Scale agrees on Tuesday!  Are you listening Mr. Scale?!  You better be!

Alright folks, I'm off for a manicure pedicure with one of my best girls!  Can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend Bleaders!


  1. you did so good on the plank, that is like one thing i cannot do, i just give up instead of trying. i really need to work on my strenght training.

  2. The link between weight loss and tea antioxidants becomes even stronger when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

  3. Best of luck with your weight-loss journey!! Having groups of people around to support you will surely make it so much better!! I am comitted to dropping some pounds myself - hpoefully a few before my upcoming birthday and then a few more after that!!

  4. Ok, this is an awesome idea, great incentive... but girl! You are so skinny already, and look GORGEOUS!!! But still good luck :-)

  5. That's a great idea! My family did a biggest loser contest (money involved) this past winter and it was a big success. My sister wanted the support for her wedding weight loss goals. it was fun! Good luck!


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