Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reese's baptism

Hi Bloggites!  (I initially wrote this post a few weeks back, but was waiting on a couple pictures from various parties.  All pics are in, so here we go!)

I know not all of you are religious so this post is more for me so I can remember the baptism and today's events.  Today (June 24th, 2012) was Reese's baptism at St. Pius X church in Tucson, AZ.

Fairy Godmother (formerly BFF from Phx) came down from Phoenix last night and stayed with us. I always love hanging out with her. Nothing crazy, just dinner and watching TV.

Got up this morning about 6 when Reese was hungry, and from there just got ready. J and Fairy Godmother got up and dressed, and J's parents showed up about 8:30 am (before we were all ready). Headed over to the church after I nursed just for a bit so she had a full tummy. My parents, GG (my Grandma) and "The Godfather" (J's best friend - saying that always makes me think about those movies), met us at the church and we all walked in together and got situated.

My favorite priest, Father Harry, did the mass. We were supposed to bring Reese in just a diaper, so Fairy Godmother and I went and got Reese changed out of her onesie before mass started in the Sacristy. When we walked in, Father Harry was putting on his robes and I said, "you are gonna have company!" and he said, "I know. That's why I didn't take off my pants!" in his thick, Irish accent. And that's why I love him, he is so funny. J says he looks like Ted Nugent, but I think he looks like the guy from The Wizard of Oz who opens the door to the Emerald City. "The Godfather" said that if he ran into Father Harry on the street he might be afraid of him!! There's pics further down in this post.

Now it was time to start. The four of us lined up near the entrance of the church, and when directed walked down to our seats, after Father Harry made the sign of the cross on Reese's head and then we followed suit. The coordinator of all of this came and got J and I to walk by some of the congregation near us where they too blessed Reese and made the sign of the cross on her head. Then Father Harry came by and anointed her with Holy Oil. Here's a photo of this time she had passed out...see...
 I love that little belly!

And here's the anointing with Holy Oil on her belly.  (Fairy Godmother, Me, J holding Reese, "The Godfather" and my Dad - and Father Harry (aka Ted Nugent).)

Then it was time for the water. Father Harry took her from J and sat her in this beautiful font of Holy Water (warm - good job folks!) and then took three handfuls of water and baptized her.  I expected her to cry but she didn't at all. She kind of looked at us like "bath time already?"

We wrapped her in the towels they had there, and then Fairy Godmother and I went back to the Sacristy to change her into her white garment and get her ready for the end.

 So pretty in her dress!

We were then back out at the mass to have her blessed with a different Holy Oil on her head. Father Harry really laid it on thick and messed up her hair!!! Of course he was laughing as he did it! (And as I fixed it later, he elbowed me and laughed!)
I love how focused on J she is here. This is just after I fixed her messed up, oily hair.

We all took communion and then it was time for the final part of the baptism, the lighting of the Baptismal Candle. The Godfather went to the church's candle and lit Reese's candle, then walked across the church to hand it to J.

The final piece was Father Harry held her up in front of the whole congregation and said her name and that she was baptized.

And then we all walked out. Fairy Godmother and I went to change her into her dress that I had to go to lunch with everyone. My friend Michele, who also attends St. Pius caught us there and gave hugs and said hi to Reese. And we all went to El Molinito for lunch. So yummy!

I wanted to make sure I had a picture of her dress. 

With Daddy (J)

Fairy Godmother and me.

Then Mom, Dad, GG, Fairy Godmother, J, Reese and I came home for a few pictures (4 generations of my family) before everyone took off. 

Fairy Godmother stuck around while we opened Baptism presents. Who knew?! She got quite a haul! 

All in all, a wonderful day!  Thanks to everyone who participated!


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