Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 3 month birthday Reese!

(I'm a little late...Reese's 3 month birthday was Thursday - 7/12/12.)

My dearest Reeses,
What a month it has been!  The biggest thing this month brought was more and more love for you our little girl.  I look at you and immediately smile, no matter how rough my day has been.  I can't believe you are in our lives and I can't imagine what our life would be like without you.

You crossed the threshold from under 10 lbs, to 11 lbs, 7 oz and are probably closer to 12 lbs by now! You have grown and it is very visible!

The day after your 2-month birthday, I reflected back to last year when you were just a little egg taken out of Mommy.  A year ago, we only could have hoped for the wonderful-ness you have brought us!  I'm so grateful to Dr. H and Holly H, and their entire staff for helping you come to us.

We've had lots of trials and less sleep than I would like as we transitioned you from sleeping in the cradle in our room to the crib in your room. You weren't a fan initially, but we persevered and now you love sleeping in your crib.  We also endured a lot of sleep trials (which you can read about in the blog - I think we're up to number 4!) because you weren't sleeping really well.  Now, we've got you on a pretty good schedule of eating, playing and sleeping within almost every 3 hour period.  You are prospering and we are all very happy.  It helps Mommy pump while at work and not wonder if I pick you up from daycare if you will be hungry immediately and I'll be "empty."  It has also really helped your naps!

That brings us to our next big transition.  We started a new daycare.  LP was good, but something just didn't feel right (namely a big dog that didn't like Daddy!) so we switched to a company and you love it!  We love it too.  The ladies there all call you "Gorgeous" but we already knew that you were!  Ms. Liz and Ms. Jessica think you are the sweetest baby and get so excited when we bring you.  It's really clean and organized.  And at the end of this month, your good buddy Bradley will start going there too.  Switching daycare was kind of worrisome at first since it had to happen during Mommy's first week at work, but thankfully we kind of had a back-up and it ended up working out better than I had envisioned in my head.  They are super flexible with your schedule and that is great for our flexible schedule at home!

Let's see....what else happened this month?

You were baptized at St. Pius on June 24th with Gma & Grandpa V., Nana & Papa R, GG (Great-Grandma E.), Fairy Godmother, "the Godfather" and Mommy and Daddy.  Father Harry thought you were so cute and you were so good when they baptized you, I think because you love your baths so much!  Then we all went out to lunch together, and you slept thru the whole thing! After we came home and opened presents, we went swimming in the pool for the first time!  You weren't too sure about it at first, but then you started having a great time.  I know you will be a water baby!  We know you learned to kick in my belly, so you'll probably be a great swimmer!
You and Mommy took a field trip to Bookman's and got a load of books to fill up your bookshelf that Great-Grandpa E. made years ago.  We've started to read you some when you are going to bed or just for something new to do during the day.  You will be a smart girl my love!

You had your first extended period of time alone with Daddy.  I know it's hard to believe that it took almost 3 months for that to happen, but it's hard for Mommy to leave because of your feeding schedule and how hard Daddy works around the house.  You both did great - in fact, you slept for most of it and Daddy thinks taking care of you is always "that easy" now!  Don't worry, you'll have more time with him and show him that while you are usually fun, you aren't always easy!

We went to another party this month for July 4th!  You had a special outfit and everything!  You got to meet Che Che, Grumpy, Uncle Scary, Ninny (again), GiGi, Pee-Paw and see Kimmy and Um again!  Grumpy even was able to put you to sleep in Mimi's room so Mommy and Daddy could have a break. 

You met My Kate, Adam and Tuck-man when we went to dinner with them one night.  Tucker tried to give you a high five when they left.  You aren't quite there yet, but it was so cute to see him try to do!

We are pretty sure that you had your first little laugh while you were taking a bath and Daddy was making fart sounds on July 7th.  It sure surprised us, but it was so great to hear!!!  We look forward to many more of those laughs!

You have surely found your voice this month and continue to "talk" to us by cooing and gaga-ing, even though we don't know what you are saying.  You are having a conversation and seemed determined to clue us in.  I think you even said "Mommy" on July 9th after I was repeating it to you multiple times.  You haven't said it again, but I am sure you will! And you discovered your toes!  They have really kept you entertained lately!

You sat in the Bumbo for the first time and looked quite content sitting pretty much by yourself.

You love to cuddle and we do too! I see major resemblances between you and Daddy in this photo!

See how busy your month has been!  We've loved it all and can't wait for the next installment!

We love you our little Reeses,
Mommy (and Daddy)


  1. Love the pics and video. Nicholas is two months behind Reese.


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