Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a crazy week!

Hello folks!  I feel like I have been saying "I'm sorry for being MIA" a lot lately.  Just a lot happening and not enough time in the day.  Plus I will admit that I get tired easier these days than in my pre-pregnancy life.  So a quick update then the 17 week (!) update, and then I'm done.

We are almost half way through this pregnancy and only about a week an a half away from knowing the sex of little Monkey.  I woke up with a migraine on Sunday and Monday so no gym for me on Monday, but I did go Wednesday and plan to go tomorrow too.  Doing the new workout Trainer gave me and so far not so bad.  My upper body was a little sore yesterday, but today even less.  Tuesday was my monthly Dr. OB visit and according to her everything is great.  My blood pressure is always great they tell me, however I was up 6 lbs!  OMG!  In past times up 6 lbs was cause for vast diet shift and more workouts, but not these days!  Dr. OB reminded me that I am only supposed to gain about a pound a week, so this month was a bit high and that I need to monitor myself.  I kind of think it is due to the fact that my appetite has returned and I am eating real food again.  Workouts could have a little to do with it since they have been added back in, but mostly just because I'm actually eating again!  Other than that we are doing just fine.  I heard the heartbeat again (J couldn't go to the appointment because he was super busy at work) and I even recorded it on my phone so I can listen anytime I want to.  If I was a little more internet savvy I would figure out how to post it, but I'm not so sorry!  So we move forward to next month. 

Today one of our pups has been coughing.  It's the weirdest thing ever.  Kind of sounds like she has something caught in her throat, but then nothing ever comes up.  Sometimes its a whole bunch at once and sometimes not for hours on end.  Have called our vet (across town) and the receptionist said to wait it out for a few days.  Called the vet down the street and left a message asking the vet to call me back to determine if we need to bring her in.  J suggested giving her some warm chicken broth because her throat must be sore from all the coughing.  Don't really know if it is helping but she sure loves it!  I really hope it is nothing serious, just sounds so bad! 

Okay, 17 week update:
How your baby's growing:
Your baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she's around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.

How your life's changing:
Starting to feel a bit off balance? As your belly grows, your center of gravity changes, so you may begin to occasionally feel a little unsteady on your feet. Try to avoid situations with a high risk of falling. Wear low-heeled shoes to reduce your risk of taking a tumble; trauma to your abdomen could be dangerous for you and your baby. You'll also want to be sure to buckle up when you're in a car — keep the lap portion of the seat belt under your belly, drawn snugly across your hips, and also use the shoulder harness, which should fit snugly between your breasts.You may also notice your eyes becoming drier. Using over-the-counter lubricating drops may help. If your contact lenses become uncomfortable, try wearing them for shorter stretches of time. If you still have discomfort, switch to glasses until after you give birth.

Now for my version:
I am getting closer and closer to feeling "like a million bucks" as Trainer's Wife told me I would in the 2nd trimester.  I'm still tired, with all that my body is doing, but at least I can wrangle myself out of bed in the morning.  I did attend 2 baby birthday parties on opposite sides of town on Saturday and that tired me out pretty good for Sunday.  But other than that I'd say I am prospering.  I definitely feel like I look pregnant now.  Have worn my "look at me, I'm pregnant" shirts a couple times and feel pretty good about it.  Although I have not mastered the art of self-portrait with camera phone and I keep forgetting to ask J to take a picture of me for y'all and FB.  I will, at some point friends.  I do have an appetite, as my 6 lbs can attest to, but I still don't feel like I am eating everything in sight.  I used to always be a member of the "clean plate club" at any meal and that just isn't the case these days.  I have noticed that my allergies are acting up with the drastic change in weather (we went from 80 degrees one day to 50 the next!), but that isn't Monkey's fault.  Although I will say that I am hesitant to take any meds, even those approved by the doc, to ease my pain.  Can't explain why specifically, just want to make sure nothing I do affects how Monkey is coming along. 

I guess that is it for now and I am due for a snack!  Have a great rest of your day folks and talk to you soon!


  1. Hey don't worry about the weight, as long as you are looking after yourself. Enjoy that snack. I am eating a lot too...
    Sorry about your dog and hope it gets better.

  2. Almost half way there??!! Where has the time gone. OMG! Don't make me fly to AZ early to take your picture and post it.

    Lots of hugs!


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