Friday, November 4, 2011

How do you say...?

Hello my Bleeps!  I've missed you since Sunday.  How has your week been?  Again, we've been a busy bunch but nothing super exciting.

I guess today might end up as kind of a rambling. I don't have anything specific in mind, but a few things floating.  So here goes...

I haven't felt the baby move again.  I feel little cramps and the other day it felt like someone was pinching me from the inside, but it doesn't feel like the first two times the baby moved.  It has me a bit worried, but I also haven't been laying down doing nothing very much, and that has been when it has happened.  I have my monthly OB visit on Tuesday so I'll hear the heartbeat again.  J can't go because he is super busy at work and wants to save his November day off for Ultrasound day on the 22nd.  So just me, but I am hoping I remember to see if Dr. OB will let me record on my phone what the heartbeat sounds like so I can listen whenever I want to.  I was explaining to a friend at lunch today that besides feeling hefty these days (and not in a good way) I don't really feel pregnant anymore.  In the first trimester I was sick, headachy and tired, so I actually "felt" pregnant.  Now, I feel really good...still have the occasional sour stomach or headache, but mostly feel great.  So right around the time I am due to visit Dr. OB I don't feel pregnant and she'll be there to assure me that everything is fine.

I've been to the gym a few times this week, but I think 3 is my max per week.  I was really sore last week, but by the weekend I was much better.  I went this week and met with Trainer on Thursday.  He revamped my workout so that I had less stress on my back and abdomen, and more focus on upper body (thank goodness because it needs it!) and legs.  He also taught me some stretches to help ease the changes happening now.  I can't explain how much it helps that he just watched his wife go through this so he understands everything first hand.  It is truly awesome.  We also discussed boot camp.  I'm a bit leery about going back.  One because it is at 6 am and these days getting up before then is a true challenge to my inner core.  Two because it is downright cold now in the mornings.  And three because I don't know what the workout will be and while I know Meanie Christinie would make it so I could do it, I really don't want to overdo it.  I'm almost positive everything would be fine, but the "what if" is getting to me.  Especially after Angel Ash said last week not to "push it."  I know for a fact that if anything happens to this baby during the pregnancy (afterwards - not my fault, he he) I will blame myself.  And working out just isn't worth it that much to me.  Afterwards, I will work my butt off to get back in shape, I swear (although she is leaving in February...booo MC!).  But for now, 3 times a week at my pace is it.  I miss the interaction with MC, Lobster and Robot, but right now Monkey is my priority.   And I have a feeling it will remain that way for the next 18 years, if not for the rest of my life.  Trainer agreed with my thoughts as did J.  I'll still go to the gym and do my thing, but boot camp is out.  (sad face)  I hope my girls understand...

My belly.  I've finally gotten my pregnancy shirts in that are way cute that express I am truly pregnant.  However, when I put them on, they hide the belly.  And in that I just look fat.  I don't have the nice roundness that I see on everyone else.  I realize I am only 4 months pregnant (!), but I want the perfect round belly so everyone doesn't just guess (pregnant or fat) and hope they are right.  I haven't posted preggo pics because  every self photo I take looks awful.  Truly awful!  The belly isn't as present in the morning as it is in the afternoon.  And then I forget to have J take one when he gets home.  I always think about it at bedtime or when I haven't done my hair or make up because we are just cleaning.  I will try, I swear, but no promises.  How do you take a nice self-portrait in the mirror with a camera phone?  This is a talent I do not possess.

No, I do not "feel" the sex of the baby.  I've had many people ask me this question and the answer still remains no.  I didn't know I was pregnant.  I do not know what I am having.  And according to Angel Ash, the angels don't want me to know! I wish I knew.  We will be happy either way.  If we have a boy, J will be in heaven teaching him how to play football, baseball and to work on the car and Monkey will be my little man.  If we have a girl, I will be in heaven dressing her up and she will have J wrapped around her little finger.  My Mom is p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e that we are having a girl, as are a few other people.  Guess we will just have to wait and see.  And when we know, I will share the sex.  Any ideas of fun ways to surprise our house guests on Thanksgiving - mainly J's family - with the reveal?

Names.  J refuses, absolutely refuses, to discuss names until we know the sex of Monkey.  He won't even bat them around with me.  He doesn't want to fall in love with a name and then be disappointed because the baby is the other sex.  And no, we won't be telling people the name.  Maybe at the shower, but I kinda think not until the baby is born.  We'll see.  I have a list in my phone, but until it's in cement, that will be a secret.

I bought something for Monkey.  I couldn't resist last weekend!

I guess this is where my ramblings come to an end.  Have a wonderful weekends comes week #17!


  1. You're actually ahead of the curve feeling a little bumps already! I didn't get my first swishes until 17 weeks or so, and didn't get them often and consistently till after 20 weeks (more like 22). You don't feel as preggo because the 2nd tri is the "feel good" tri! Don't worry, that belly will pop all of a sudden in just a few short weeks, then you'll drink a glass of juice and lay down for a nap, and you will be saying "hey, quiet down in there, mom needs to sleep!" :-)

  2. I echo everything that Kate just said. I truly and consistently felt my daughter at 19 weeks. It's also totally normal to feel good at this point in your pregnancy. Hang in there!

  3. Hi Niki - glad you are being sensible and exercising with caution. So am I!
    I love that monkey! :)
    Good luck for your next ultra sound.

  4. You can get a cheap doppler on Amazon for, like, 20 bucks! I used it every morning after my shower - right after lotion. I loaned mine out, or else I would give it to you. So much peace of mind.

    As to the baby belly, I went to Vegas with Russ for a conference when I was four-ish months pregnant, and I lamented to a woman in the maternity store. She said, "It will happen!" She was right. I know it seems like it takes forever. At least you don't have as soft as a pre-pregnancy belly as I did. :) It will happen soon!

    You're doing great, Niki. I wish I could see you more. Maybe lunch soon?!?!

  5. There are times, when baby is not kicking and I am sitting just right, and I haven't just had a big meal, that I don't even "feel" pregnant. (I can't feel the weight of my belly or the tug on my shirts.) And then I lie down and feel the little bump that is so different from everything I've ever felt. I wake up EVERY morning not believing that I'm pregnant. It may never really sink in... but I am so happy that you're finding your "balance" between working out and taking it easy. I am a runner and have had zero problem letting go of it (I walk instead, and not even a fraction of what I used to run!) becuase of the same fear you just expressed. Keep stretching, keep moving, but enjoy being pregnant!


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