Friday, October 15, 2010

Accomplishments, Absent and A+ to Mass Media

Hello Bleaders!  I'm sure I will say this again, but don't think I forgot about y'all, just crazy busy studying for CFP (aka big nasty), so haven't been blogging as regularly as I like.   I would love to say it will end soon, but not for a while - like a month.  CFP test is November 19-20 (yes, 2 days!) and I'll be in Phoenix for a cram session the last week of October (so don't get upset or worried...I'm probably alive :)  ).  So that covers the "Absent" in the title.

Now, accomplishments.  I have 30 followers!  That is huge!  I would have loved to achieve that by my 30th birthday, but that was almost a year ago, so no dice.  (Oh yeah, my birthday is 3 days after CFP is over!).  I know there are some people that "read" (i.e. receive via email) but don't "follow" technically, so I am over it by a little bit, but I am still very appreciative of my THIRTY followers and my ELEVEN people who get the email I guess I am over my 30 number by a little more.  Anyway, I thank you all...I love you all...and hopefully one day I'll be able to call you all and tell you we're pregnant personally!  Just not today.

Now on that note, I found out this week something that makes me VERY happy.  One of my followers posted a comment and in it she let me know she was reading from South Africa!  Holy cow, I'm global!  "Hello Heather, can you hear me all the way there?!"  It was so excited that we had connected, and she is great!  I would love to go to South Africa some day (not just to meet her, but just to go!) but I'm afraid it won't be for a while.  For now, thanks Heather for finding me and I wish you luck on your journey...we're all in it together!

And last but not least, A+ to Mass Media.  I am a BIG watcher of Grey's Anatomy (much to J's dismay - he's not a fan of the doctor shows and usually disappears into the garage) and Private Practice.  Now, Private Practice has always made me proud...since day 1.  It is a scripted show pretty much dedicated to infertility, adoption, acupuncture, OBGYN and pediatricians.  I will say that some things happen there that probably don't in my OB's office (um...Meth house explosions, sex on desks between doctors, etc.) but I like the basic premise and the drama...again, J is in the garage. 

However, I don't think Private Practice has the viewership of Grey's Anatomy...which, if you don't watch...what is wrong with you?!  So, when Grey's did their season finale last year, or I guess earlier this year, the main doctor Meredith who is married to McDreamy had a miscarriage (yes, it was when the hospital had been taken hostage by a mad man who was trying to kill McDreamy, but I digress).  Since McDreamy had been shot, she couldn't tell him right then and there, so she episodes, so what is that in "real life" 6 months, depending on the show?  Anyway, she eventually tells him after he has recovered and stops racing his car so he ends up in jail all the time, and they determine they need to go to a RE and see what is going on.  Well, that was last night's episode...the appointment with the RE who told her she has a "hostile uterus" (which thankfully I haven't been told I have ... yet!), and which leads to discussion between Derek (McDreamy) and Meredith about how to proceed (who was also worried that she would pass Alzheimer's on to the baby because her mother had that and she wanted to be tested for it too)!  WOW, a lot I know!  Anyway, McDreamy goes on to tell her that they will "have a lot of sex and hope for the best" and "if that doesn't work, we'll figure it out."  Remember, they are both doctors so (unlike me) were probably aware that infertility actually existed long before 3.25 years ago (when we realized) and what can be done to help it along. 

A-N-Y-W-A-Y, Mass Media gets an A+ because they are actually giving more attention to Infertility where people will actually see it and can maybe learn to sympathize a little.  So that makes me very proud of the writers and producers of Grey's Anatomy (and Private Practice) and any other show out there who is bringing light to this subject! 

Maybe some of the people who don't understand the issue (and say stupid things to us Infertiles) will be educated just a teeny, tiny bit.  If that happened, I would be overjoyed!  If no one ever again told me to "stand on my head after sex" or "just adopt" or "just relax" I would live a much happier life!  And on that note, I'm off for my Friday night glass of wine!

Absent - done!

Accomplishments - done!

A+ to Mass Media - done!

Peace out folks!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Peace out to you my brave, brave friend. I admire your drive, honesty, and determination.

  2. Yes I can hear you Nikus!You are welcome to come (I'm in Joburg)!
    By the way I love that you watch a lot of TV - I do too. But you're spoiling it for me cos I am still at that cliffhanger from the last season and haven't got to where you are yet!!!
    Congrats on your list! My autoresponder has been hacked at the moment.. sigh..
    best wishes to you..

  3. Hi Nikus,

    Just wanted to say a quick hello. I've been "stalking" your blog for a while and signed up to follow you properly on Friday.

    I love your blog - it's so well written. I'm reading it from (cold and grey) England. Another country for you to add to the list...


  4. Welcome Shell! That makes me very happy! Next post, I'm doing a shout out to you!!! I have been to England - years ago...where were you then?! ;)


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