Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holy cow...

Hello my Blogettes (that's a new one!).  I hope you have had as great a week as I.  It's been crazy, but awesome.  Where to begin?

On Tuesday, we got notification that the closing for our old house that we were trying (but failing) at renting out was coming up on Thursday and we had to scramble a bit to get our affairs in order.  Everything ended smoothly and I can happily say that we now own only one home!  YAY!  Huge burden off our shoulders as you can imagine.  Whew!

Thursday after closing, I called Dr. OB's office with a few questions, namely "What are my glucose test results?"  I was happily informed that after all my worry and strife, my test came back normal and I do not have gestational diabetes.  Double Whew!

Friday, J and I were notified that the house had officially recorded as the new owners and we were free and clear!  Hip-hip-hooray!  Friday, I also learned that my cousin in Cali is coming to my shower next weekend!  Haven't seen her in ages and am so excited she'll be here next weekend for some great cousin fun!

Saturday, J and I met with two women who are Doulas.  We learned a lot.  Wait, should I explain what a Doula is?  First off, there are 2 different types of Doulas: prenatal and post-natal.  Prenatal is the Doula who is in the labor room with you, coaching you through breathing, etc.  Post-natal is the Doula who helps you figure out how this baby thing works and how to care for it and keep your sanity.  These two ladies are Post-natal Doulas.  Very nice ladies and interesting to learn about.  One of the ladies said it best when explaining themselves by saying, "We're grandmothers without the baggage."  I keep telling people that "this is my first time and we'll figure out (whatever they are asking me) when we get there."  This is one of those things we'll figure out.  Should we use them or not?  Not sure, but definitely on the radar if we want/need them.

Saturday afternoon, J and I began to assemble the baby furniture.  We had 3 huge boxes taking up all the room in the nursery, so we began opening them and putting them together.  We started a bit late on Saturday, maybe 3 or 4 pm, so we only finished the 4-drawer dresser.  But this morning (Sunday) we got up and finished the 3-drawer changing table and crib.  We re-organized the room, put in the pieces like the bookshelf my grandfather made for me as a kid, as well as the table and chairs for a child, and baby-doll crib, and now the room actually looks like a room instead of a storage unit.  Soon, it will be full of more baby stuff than we can ever imagine, but at least now, there's room for that and we can begin decorating.  And, we didn't kill each other in the process.  Got a little frustrated sometimes with shoddy directions, but got it all figured out.  What number whew am I on?  Triple Whew!

Next weekend will be a busy one.  J has his Diaper Party at our house (yet another reason the nursery had to look somewhat nice), my cousin flies in from Cali for my shower which is happening at the same time J's party is but at my Mom's house, and there will be a bunch of cooking for J's party that has to get done, as well as a mani-pedi for me before my party!  But it will all be fun!

Alright kiddos, I'm out for now.  Have a lovely week and I promise to post pics of the nursery, when it is done, but not yet!

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  1. I'm so excited I get to be at your baby shower! It'll be a great weekend and I'll even get to see you with a baby bump. And I get to hang out with you AND Grandma! Toepick!

    Speaking of doulas, my boss had a post-natal doula and was really glad she did that. She was able to learn a lot about the right routine for her baby and got some great insight on things she would have never thought of. Her parents also had a night doula come for the first month and while that was a huge luxury, she did say she ended up getting a lot more sleep.


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